3 Quick Tricks To Unscramble Letters


A bunch of scrambled or jumbled letters like this one “OYU I AEHT” does not look less than some entangled earphones to many people. And when it comes to unscrambling such letters the solver spends a whole bunch of minutes on it. Such scrambled letters do look like some Chinese movie character names but believe me unscrambling the letters will get easier than pronouncing the Chinese names if you will consider some of the ways we have mentioned below. Moreover, there are some tools that can help you in solving these scrambled letters easily, you can check here wordsia.com.

We have come up with the simplest tips which can lead to a successful unscrambling of confusing letters. So let’s jump on to them: 

  1. Look for a Digraph:

Digraphs are those combinations of 2 letters that have the same sound. These are commonly used in the English language. Once you get successful in guessing these digraphs the remaining process of unscrambling letters will turn into a piece of cake. 

Few examples are as follows: SH, TH, AI, ER, UR, CH, or TH. Further examples in a different form are:

SH= ship, shed share, shoulder, shade, etc.

TH= though, thus, thank, think, that, etc.

AI= pain, rain, plain, gait, main, etc. 

2. Start with vowels:

Vowels are some of those letters which can be found in almost every English word. In scrabble, the words containing vowels are more powerful than those which do not have any vowel which seldom happens. You can buy any vowel and try starting your words with the vowels.

3. Combine two letters:

If you have two same letters with you then you can combine them or pair them up together. Such double letters pairs actually can be found in many English dictionary’s words and give more power to words in scrabble.

Once paired up you can form the highest scoring words which can keep you ahead in points than other players. For example current, reef, gull, letter or bottom, etc.

Our Final Say:

In order to implement all the ways mentioned above, you need to develop great observation skills. If you are unable to bring together the letters in the right manner and form a meaningful then you are suggested to keep rearranging the given letters. In this way, any of the combinations will surely work.

Wishing you happy unscrambling!

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