A Game Changer – The Future of Gaming in 2021 and Beyond

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No matter your age or where in the world you may find yourself, it is very unlikely that you haven’t encountered some of the games we feature here in this article. The year in which most of these old games were released have no bearing on loyal players who have, despite technology and innovation, stick to and still enjoy playing them. Going way back, Pong was the first arcade game to be released way back in 1972; the game is a 2D offering which is very similar to playing tennis. Other pioneers could be found on the casino floor or at the gaming halls. Since then, the gaming world has progressed extensively and made use of technology and superior graphics to create complete new virtual worlds for gamers to explore.

What Technology Has Brought to the Table?

What innovation and graphics bring with it in the new and improved world of gaming is unimaginable for even the most forward-thinking players out there. The once enormous machines have now been exchanged for handheld devices, and even the classical table games are now available at any online casino. These concepts were never even thought of in the past. Mobile devices, tablets and laptops are the preferred way to play these days. The ease of doing so is as much an attraction today as it was in the past, but for different reasons. In the past players had to go to gaming rooms or casinos to enjoy their favourite games, but today, all these can be played from the comfort of your home. This, however, does not take anything away from the traditional and classic games such as Super Mario Brothers 3, Final Fantasy 6 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as all these games have stood the test of time and are still regarded as some of the best games ever developed.

The Way Forward

With all the setbacks the world faced during 2020, we can hope that 2021 will bring with it new and better gaming prospects. The gaming world has experienced tremendous growth over the last year and moving into 2021 can only mean we are in for more exciting games, graphics and innovative offerings from game developers. The prices of devices are sure to increase as the need for people to start doing work, shopping and gaming from home, seems to be the new normal now. With that in mind, we should be prepared to see a substantial price hike in gadgets, as the demand will be greater. Many service providers are experiencing delays in their supplies, which in turn will result in shortages as the demand grows. Most mobile device providers such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, have done away with chargers, this decision allows for smaller packaging and therefore more products can get shipped easily while suppliers are able to cut costs at the same time. What this effectively means is that aftermarket chargers will now be more in demand. Other companies such as Vivo and Oppo have developed fast charging devices, which will, in turn, require them to provide adaptable chargers for their devices.

The Mobile Niche

Mobile devices have taken centre stage, with a number of developers taking advantage of this niche. The hope is that independent gaming developers will also get a piece of the pie, as it is expected that the bigger gaming developers will dominate bigger sub niches because of their advanced technology and investments. Apart from this, smartphone capabilities are also being heavily marketed, simply because they allow users access to so much more than in the former days. The better the functionality, the better the online gaming experience and the graphics of the games. As a great example, we can see that the Samsung Galaxy series is also changing its appearance and will be shrinking in size so that it too will be able to maintain its popularity with all its new features.   

There’s no doubt that CPU’s, 5G and faster internet connectivity and mini-LED screens will also be more popular in future. The world as we knew it is going to continue to change with AI and machine learning becoming the future. Technology and innovation will be the order of the day and this will prompt the importance of privacy and data security even more.

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