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If you’re any kind of fan of poker, you’ll already have the World Series of Poker firmly on your radar. Not only is it the most prestigious and longest-running poker tournament on the planet, but they’ve also deigned a Texas hold’em app that will make you feel like you’re under the bright lights of Las Vegas, wherever you are in the world. Today we’re taking a closer look at the app to reveal what you can expect from the poker giants.


To enjoy a mobile gaming experience, it’s important to like the look of the app you’ve chosen. The WSOP app has appearance nailed, which should come as no surprise given these guys know their way around a casino.This experience shines through every aspect of the app. It’s bright enough to keep the player engaged, the interface is simple to navigate and intuitive – you always know what to do and how to raise, fold or hold, and there are no irritating advertisements to contend with (and to be distracted by). As we suspected, WSOP have managed to create the perfect virtual poker room.

Ease of play

The WSOP app is free to download and to play and the time it takes from download to being in the WSOP app poker room is swift. You might miss the actual chips that you might have taken from when you start playing the game, but it’s worth it. For those looking to improve their game so that they can one day pull up a stool alongside some of the greatest players in the world at the World Series of Poker – the app is spot on. Firstly, you can choose to brush up on your trusty favourite, Texas Hold’em, but there is also the option to play Omaha Stud. This keeps you interested, allows you to improve across different disciplines andhas the added bonus of preparing you for the tournament options offered at the annual IRL tournament in Las Vegas.


Additionally, the app provides a decent spread of statistics on your games. It looks at how you’re improving over time, what hands you’ve won and lost, stakes played and so on. It’s a great way of identifying the weaknesses with your game so you know what to read up on and what tips and techniques you can pick up by observing the pros. It’s the perfect forum for getting your eye in with online poker, while also providing room for growth. Definitely check out their simple tutorial videos if you’re a complete novice.


There is just enough variety with this app to keep you interested. As you progress through each prize level, you’ll be whisked away to other cities – Paris, Sydney, Atlantic City. You’ll also benefit from free chips every four hours, which is a nice little bonus.

Chance to play for Real Money

One particularly exciting quality of the app is that it gives you the chance to play for Real Money – as long as you are over 21 and located in the US state of Nevada.


This app is just what you’d expect from WSOP. Slick, simple, well-designed, and offering enough variety to keep every player engaged. If you dream of poker stardom, download today to start your training.

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