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Winter is all about sledging, snowball fights, ice skating, and ice fishing for some people. However, not everyone likes to go outside when there is too much snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun inside your house. Here’s a list of winter video games you can play with your kids after you visit this site to know what you can do when you are snowed this winter.

Riders Republic

While spending your time indoors during the winter, it can be therapeutic to blast into the skies over some natural wonders of America using a jetpack and instantly plummeting to earth using a bicycle. This combination of beautiful national parks and doing some adrenaline-filled activities that you wouldn’t do in real life is what Riders Republic is all about.

Riders Republic is one of Ubisoft’s best-hidden gems in 2021, offering multiplayer modes like Trick Battle, Mass Race, and Free for All. The game is ostensibly about trick competitions and winning races on snowboards, skis, wingsuits, and bikes, but the pure comedy of enjoying extreme sports is what makes it worth playing even without winning.


Lots of people can’t forget SSX Tricky or Cool Boarders on Saturday morning. Even for people who don’t like snow, these games were fun beyond their years, and Ubisoft decided to remind fans about them with Steep. The game attempts to legitimize winter sports titles with a realistic approach, allowing players to ride and explore the picturesque vistas of the Alps.

Steep comes with a trick system, but it keeps everything on the realism side more than anything else. There are various sports featured in Steep, but tricksters will most have fun with skis and snowboards because the other sports are all about exploration and traversal. Additionally, Ubisoft made sure the control scheme was as intuitive as possible.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

For role-playing game enthusiasts, it’s not often that you get a title that’s so engaging that you’re willing to surrender days or weeks playing it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an excellent example of such a captivating game, and it allows you to explore the Skellige Isles snowy mountains.

While monsters surround the mountains along its roads, various snowy villages will leave you feeling like you’re on a relaxing trip but with ice giants and sirens along the way. That makes the game a must-play for anyone looking for a fantasy RPG game with a captivating storyline and an open world.

The Long Dark

Winter nights are dark and long. Fortunately, The Long Dark allows you to explore the frozen wilderness in an open-world survival title with perma-death and crafting. That makes The Long Dark is one of the few safe ways to try and live in a post-apocalyptic environment as you enjoy the beautiful northern lights.


Frostpunk is a society simulator, city-builder, and crisis management game that allows you to rule the last city on earth. However, every decision you make in the game has consequences as the crisis never ends. Additionally, if the citizens are not happy enough, they’ll banish you from the city to die alone and despised.

Besides banishing you, the citizens might also leave your city if they’re unhappy, but they’ll spend some time convincing others to be part of the mass exodus. All that makes Frostpunk a tense, stressful, and often gripping survival strategy game packed with difficult and unthinkable choices.

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Lost Planet takes you to a remote ice-covered planet known as EDN III, which is not welcoming to human explorers. Besides the planet’s extreme temperatures that are capable of killing the explorers in minutes, its inhabitants (huge, insect-like aliens) aren’t thrilled to share their home with people.

The gameplay would be considered as the standard TPP action fare, except for the few mechanics related to the theme of surviving in unforgiving conditions. The main character wears a special heat suit to keep him warm in the unforgiving icy world, but that won’t fully protect him from the planet’s below-zero temperatures. The suit also needs a constant supply of heat, which you can get from containers spread all around the map and from the enemies you defeat.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origin gives you a story set on Christmas Eve, where every law enforcement agency sees Batman as nothing more than a vigilante who looks like all the other criminals. In the game, a crime boss known as Black Mask puts a bounty on Batman’s head, and the streets of Gotham turn into a battlefield in a war between notorious criminals in the city and the Caped Crusader.

The neo-gothic design of Gotham covered with snow is quite impressive, and the developers made sure they captured everything. Nothing beats the experience of gliding through the city’s snow-filled air and getting to the street level to battle criminals.

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