Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Still Freezes on PS3 after Update


The new second-patch for consoles for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was released on Wednesday and it was supposed to fix the gameplay problems with freezes, mostly on PS3, and crashes.This errors are encountered by players for two months and after this second patch they are still reporting that at certain points during multiplayer matches the game will suddenly freeze or crash and they will need to restart the console to play again.
The developers said that they are aware of these freeze problems since the game’s launch and that they were supposed to be fixed by the first patch.
This latest update, version 1.06, adds some connectivity improvements and makes some enhancements to the in-Game Store
You can fix the bugs of the PC version of the game by following our tutorial posted here: How to fix Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Errors

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  1. Jay says

    I’ve been trying to play Advanced Warfare on my PS3, but for some reason when I try to go to multiplayer, the game gets stuck at the loading screen that shows a smaller version of the title of the game. It’s not exactly frozen since I can still do things with the ps3, but it’s not loading into multiplayer.

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