Did you know that the majority of gamers are women?


According to a study published by the Internet Advertising Bureau, the majority among games users are now women. The study reveals that 52% of the gaming audience is made up of women.

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This shouldn’t surprise you because women have always played games, and in recent years the growth of the mobile gaming industry, has been mainly driven by female consumer base.

The smartphones made games available to a much wider audience than dedicated consoles or PCs. Some of the most successful games in this category are Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, which are free and accessible, requiring neither the learning time nor the expense.

“The internet and mobile devices have changed the gaming landscape forever,” said Steve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes at the Internet Advertising Bureau. “They’ve brought down the barriers to entry, making gaming far more accessible and opened it up to a whole new audience. In the past you needed to go out and buy an expensive console and the discs on top to get a decent experience, now you can just download a free app.”

Video games that have a female protagonist are still in the minority, even being able to play as a women character is often still considered an optional extra by many developers and publishers.

Another point of view that we can take here is the harsh reality of being a professional girl gamer. Imagine being paid to play video games with a lot of adoring fans watching you online.

As women in a largely male industry, they have undoubtedly faced challenges, but neither wants special treatment. They just want a level playing field with their male counterparts. And both are optimistic about the future of the professional gaming space where, they hope, the term “girl gamer” will soon be obsolete.

Canadian Stephanie Harvey – or missharvey as she’s known in the gaming world – is a video game developer and e-sports player who’s played for female teams that have won six major international competitions.

Stephanie Harvey explains, “I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years now, and when I started it was extremely male-dominated, especially in pro gaming – it still is. On the circuit there aren’t that many females. But the arrival of new games, new communities and just overall society changing and evolving throughout mainstream video games, is bringing a new wave of players. Fortunately for everyone, there’s a lot of females involved.”

The best is yet to come, for the games industry because the facts are that games are for everyone.

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