How to Fix Common Warframe Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Bugs


warframe errors

Warframe is a multiplayer free-to-play third person shooter that can be found on Steam.4 players cooperate with each other to achieve the given objectives.
Below we posted the most common Warframe errors and crashes in the game that you may encounter.We also posted how to fix them.


How to fix Warframe Errors:

1) Game Won’t Launch on some Windows versions

Some players reported that their game won’t launch on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit version and on Windows Vista Home Premium SP 2.To fix this error try to launch the game through the Launcher in the game folder.

2) Unable to login to the launcher

You can fix this error by restarting Steam or your PC.

3) Games freezes when using voice chat

Some players complained that their game freezes when they push the C button to use the voice chat.To fix this error try to restart the Steam or to set the processor to prioritize Warframe and steam bootstrapper.

4) Failed to update the game

If the launcher doesn’t let you to update the game and you keep getting errors try to wait a little bit or restart the launcher.This is mainly due to server overload.

5) Unable to start the download

To fix this error restart the Steam and the game will start to download.

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  1. Mladen says

    Im The Player Who Cant Launch Game And When I Try To Start In Folder It Says :PLEASE RUN WARFRAME FROM THE LAUNCHER. So ;(

  2. Brendan says

    When i try to run the game all it does is show it on the taskbar. so i cant play it.

    1. Tyler says

      same it will show on the task bar but it wont open at all

    2. Dan says

      It’s updating. Give it a few minutes. You can open up resource monitor and see that it is downloading.

  3. Lorenz says

    it is updating but for how long?

  4. Azure2aman says

    I got into game,everything normally i got in email,password and its says uncorrect password but its correct,when i tried to change password on site,the site was available and i changed password,then i tried login in again and again its not correct..i again tried to go to warframe site and now its tiping site is unavailable..and also the launcher when opens it wont give me play button available after few minutes its says warframe servers are not available…pls help mee pls ;(

    1. Dat boi says

      Are you connected to the internet? Also trying restarting warframe.

  5. Adam says

    I can’t fully finish a mission without it crashing! I still get all the items but it’s SUPER annoying having to relaunch the game after any mission!
    (Update 18.5)
    (Sands of Inaros)

  6. phoenix says

    my chat refuses to load 18.5 sands of inaros

    1. Tfman says

      Fuckin same!

  7. Kailash Venkat says

    I cant even get into the log in page. can someone help?? It gets stuck at the loading screen after I click play.

  8. Mercy says

    my game crashes when i start the mission

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