Fun Things That We Miss About Old-School Gaming


Right now we are living in a golden age of gaming, with amazing consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the next generation of video game consoles is already underway. It’s a far cry from the 8-bit escapades that gamers of a certain age grew up on, so let’s take a nostalgic glance back at what we miss most about the good old days.

Well, here’s the good news: it’s still possible to play a fair few of these classics. At you can play old school games from Street Fighter to Road Rash and Mario. You can find there compiled the best games of all time, playable on your PC.

Entering your initials on the scoreboard. Few things in life can replicate the thrill of seeing your initials rise to the top of the scoreboard, even if it’s on your home console where the only person you’ve knocked off of the top perch is your older sibling.

Zero load time. Let’s face it, we all hate the loading times with the games nowadays. Back in the days, there were no menus, no loading bars and no annoying advertising of the brand you’ve already handed over hundreds of dollars. On classic consoles, after hitting the power button, there were no load times whatsoever.

Not being able to save your progress. Really old school games had no save points and no second chances if you wanted to complete them. This was for hardcore gamers, reaching the end credits required skill and commitment.

Gameplay over graphics. Back in the days, developers had to prioritize gameplay over graphics because they didn’t have the ability to create realistic worlds that make everyday life mundane.

Cheats. Rapidly pressing buttons in a seemingly random combination was indeed an art many early console gamers were keen to master.

End of level bosses. You’ve done it. You beat all the soldiers, zombies and aliens that challenged you in the latest video games in your stash. Now, one more challenge awaits, and that’s the boss battle. To gamers, defeating a level’s boss symbolizes the completion of hours of emotion, ranging from excitement and elation to hopelessness and anger. Anyone who’s finished Contra knows the feeling of finally conquering the Red Falcon after levels of depressing fails. Watching Donkey Kong fall on his head and reuniting Mario with his cherished Pauline was cheesy no doubt, but the feeling of doing it was exhilarating.

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