Game On: 5 Positive Effects of Playing Esports to Young Adults


During the onset of the pandemic, everything that people usually do shift online. Things like classes, work, business, shopping, and even gaming! Although online games were popular way back, one unexpected outcome of the pandemic is the opportunity for society to see the positive effects of esports. 

Studies have shown that esports gives a lot of benefits to a person, just like physical sports, of course, minus the physical exertion. During the COVID 19 crisis, a lot of virtual events swarmed gaming sites. Gamers and even audiences are tuning in and watching these events. On top of exciting competitions, a lot of youngsters can grow and learn from esports.

It’s no doubt that video games also have benefits in various ways. Even young gamers can now enjoy video games and still have educational takeaways. For example, being tech-savvy increases coordination and understanding among young adults. This kind of advantage is not all. Let us take a look at how youngsters can take advantage of esports.


Communication and teamwork are at the top of the list. These are the first steps for them to build life skills. The best teams in esports take the time and effort to practice and develop skills to maximize each player’s potential. Individual esports is also present, but teamwork is an essential factor in almost all e games.

E games can also be very competitive. Nowadays, people bet on teams with real money. These games are broadcast not only in your country but all over the world. This type of betting does not only happen on esports games. It is also present in actual sports like horse racing, soccer, badminton and a lot more! To know what games are up for bet, visit as they offer a wide ray of games that are ongoing and are still up for bets.

College Scholarships

A lot of colleges offer scholarships to esports players —not just a few dollars. But millions of dollars, to be exact. Many colleges provide esports programs that are not known by many not until a few years ago. Young adults can also get a degree in esports. Colleges have been offering esports programs because of their popularity. 

Improve Brain Function

Believe it or not, video games also improve your mental function. The functions of the brain are like muscles. They become enhanced over time. A study found out that youngsters who play Super Mario increased the grey matter of their brain. It is a crucial component in memory retention and cognitive function.

Other researchers dived more into the benefits of gaming that are potentially helpful in different areas of the brain and its potential to harness problem-solving skills. Scientists agree that this type of research should fully understand the cognitive impacts of gaming, and its initial findings are somehow encouraging!

Career Paths

Like other professional jobs, there are a lot of professional applications for people who have excellent gaming skills! People who know the knick and knacks of some games that are popular acquire a piece of valuable knowledge on how to design and market their products. Significant companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and EA look for people that know how to do this.

Careers like influencers, engineers, gamers, and budding designers are just examples of people who choose gaming as their lifelong commitment. It is also an efficient approach because people who know how to work well will work well. And if we let people who are good at gaming manage companies who offer games, they will see a bright future.

Social and Cognitive Development 

The main lesson learned from almost two years of distance learning is that young adults need connections with peers to strive. With this, they practice a lot of cognitive and social development. Studies show that youngsters improve hand-eye coordination because they use their hands and eyes most of the time.

They improve visual acuity and attention. With over hours making contact with their screen, they become more attentive to whatever is happening. Kids also improve executive function and visual processing, as well as strategy skills and problem-solving development. In this time and day where people lack interaction, esports players get to socialize well with other players and boost their self-confidence.


Back in the day, parents said that playing games on the internet could cause rotten brains because of its unhealthy lifestyle. Little did they know that it is much more beyond games. Researchers have seen positive feedback from young adults who are the primary users of esports. 

This kind of practice is present on the market, and a lot of people benefit from this. Of course, for others to understand fully, they must consider looking more into scriptures. Your child’s love for games may spark art for them to create or maybe manage one. Building children also includes learning to love what they are good at. Spark a love for something.

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