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If you are an avid gamer and are a fan of Final Fantasy series, then you should be anxiously waiting for the next release of the game. The news is that Final Fantasy remake is scheduled to be released somewhere in the March of next year. At this time, we had an opportunity to have a look at the glimpse of the game and we are here to preview of what all we have seen thus far. So let’s preview of what the game has to offer.

About the Game

Gamers will immediately appreciate the stunning art style with a VIP casino feel right from the very beginning. The whole game is presented in beautiful black and white environment that creates its unique air of scary ambiance. The music aids well in building the mood, keeping you on your toes as you progress the wonderland.  In the few hours that you play, you will be trying to survive a forest, an eerie urban landscape, and some ghostlike industrial environments.

This gem of a game did away with cut scenes or loading times in between levels making the gamer immerse in the creepy atmosphere that the presentation reveals. A lot of moments in the game will give you the chills while unraveling the secrets of the game. Gamers will be thrown into a wild environment right at the beginning with barely anything and then gathering upgrades and power-ups to assist journeying in the gaming world. With a mere tiny flying saucer, you begin your quest uncovering a variety of environments bursting with excellent puzzles, which are accompanied in the end of each level by a wealth of quality upgrades. These enhancements have with varying features that will aid you later on as the game progresses. 

Design and Graphics 

The impressive game design is seamlessly mixed with the well-oiled tempo. Every part of each stage is clearly painted with intricate detail, that you’ll be amazed to discover unexpected surprises here and there. Every level of the game has a unique feel and doesn’t let you go until you reach the very end. Relying only on the visuals alone, the story is told without dialogue or any type of narration. This is not only original but also a refreshing way of keeping the pace under the control of the gamer. As a huge plus, the multiplayer mode is a lot of fun to play. The cooperative mode is a total blast supporting up to four players, local or online. This mode features the same tiny space ship from the single player campaign in a wild run to transport a beacon to the end of a treacherous level. 

Why you would like it?

Gamers will enjoy it for a variety of reasons. Although the combat looks deceptively easy at the beginning, the game becomes challenging as you go along the levels. It may seem to appear that the game is just another button-mashing game, but it is really so much more than that. It takes good timing to come up with a powerful combo. It would take skill and patience to develop the right technique to successfully master the moves. As a bonus, the special attacks of each character can be mixed up to perform awesome attacks. The environments are quite varied and would give you a good feel of the Bleach universe. Each level offers something new in terms of detailed backgrounds.

As you play, your character earns points for a variety of tasks ranging from completing missions to simply taking down an enemy. This will in turn help your character to level up. You will receive attribute points that you can use to level up your character, basing on your preferred action. The game has an amazing concept that, if was implemented well enough, the game would’ve fared better in the reviews. A huge chunk of the game lets you do missions against the Federation in unbelievably enormous levels that you can approach in a variety of manner. 

Total Control…!

Another achievement where this game delivers is the control system which is quite implemented well. Similar to Final Fantasy XII, the game has an action-based battle system where attacks are delivered automatically at intervals. There are of course some welcome variations such as the so-called ‘arts’, a type of special attacks which have their own cool down time. Controls are a breeze to use as each character has a “battle palette” at the bottom of the screen which is used to setup the special attacks. This can be modified outside of battle. Player movement is executed manually with the analog stick. Another interesting addition is the system, where you can see glimpses of the future, and the character reacts to prevent it from happening.

A number or warp points are also included to help travelling within the huge gaming world. Characters can also do a large amount of optional side quests with non-player characters implemented in what’s called as a system” Additional story sequences are then opened up once the quest is successful. And yes, the visuals, being part of the gaming experience, will immerse the player in the picturesque world of the game. Director and his team have created a digital masterpiece that developer will find difficult to imitate in the near future. Wandering through the various landscapes, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually looking at a video game and not a moving painting.


Playing multiplayer is an awesome part of the game and the new co-op feature is a wonderful plus. It’s always cool to share this remarkable game with a friend. The only negative I noticed playing the game was the camera, which at times uncontrollably goes into some weird spots. This issue however, doesn’t really affect the player’s overall experience much. And other than that, everything else falls right well into place. Overall, it is a game worth checking out. Its gorgeous presentation alone is worth its price tag. And if you’re willing to take on the poor story-telling and just embrace the game experience as a whole, you’re still in for a treat. 

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