How to make money by playing games and avoid “errors” on the way?


For many people, gaming is more than fun entertainment – it’s rather a lifestyle, deep emotional adventure. We invest time and energy in the playing process, so it’s quite normal to expect some return.

Getting lots of excitement is totally enough motivation for dedicated gamers. Still, if there will be some money in addition, not so many will refuse it. Here is a kind of guide that explains a few ways to earn money by playing games. Also, in the spirit of GamesErrors, we’ll highlight some common “errors” (mistakes) and means to avoid them.

  1. Become a streamer.

The trend of streaming games aren’t fading away but becoming even more popular. There are lots of super famous guys and girls, who earn decently from advertisements on their channels and from various sponsoring brands. Why not become one of them?

The prospective seems to be very bright and cheerful – play your favorite games, communicate with your fan base, and… do this again and again. Some negative aspects are also present here: you need money for expensive equipment to make really quality streams; the competition on Twitch and gaming YouTube is very, very tense; it’s not enough to love games for being a successful streamer – you should be a good entertainer first of all.

If you feel ready for this career, try and avoid following “errors”:

Streamers rush to the process without preparation. Each time you start something new, you should pass through the process of adaptation, of learning. Your videos might look clumsily at the start. For not making such a mistake, try to record yourself just for yourself – watch these videos, notice your weakest sides and try to improve these aspects. Then, don’t delay coming to the public too much. The more you do something, the better you become. Start and reach the perfectness with practice.

Making streams with bad equipment will lead to bad results. Waiting for the uncertain possibilities to buy a camera and microphone will lead to lost opportunities. Find golden mean – do what you can, with what you have, but make sure your videos look and sound pleasant for viewers.

Expecting a fast revenue and rejecting other ways of earning. Sudden success might happen and might not. Don’t put all the eggs in one basket! Take care of your basic necessities – this will allow you to be calmer in streaming, to make things better. The same “errors” can also be told about the further methods in this article.

  1. Build your eSports career.

Tournaments of Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and other popular titles have millions of dollars in their prize pools. Professional teams are sponsored by world famous companies. Pro-players need bother only about their results, not about money income.

You will be able to play a lot, and in fact, you will have to do so. Many hours of daily training on the edge of stress, uncertain results on competitions, and a short period of the active career – these are downsides of eSports.

Are you still considering it as your way? Then avoid these mistakes:

Choosing a game you don’t really like leads to nothing. Maybe Dota 2 offers the biggest prizes, but you will be unable to play good enough if it is just unsuitable for you. Even continual training will not help – you’ll feel frustrating. To prevent this, take your time for choosing a game. Pay attention to what you play for fun. Choose that game or at least something of the same genre.

Some players become inconsistent. They play a lot for some time and then do nothing for a while. Developing proper gaming skills is a long process, and you should always make steps for your progress. Consider this type of gaming as a permanent job. Come up with your own plan of mastering your game and follow it carefully.

Some guys are too shy and afraid to participate in tournaments. Others want to play only in the high leagues. They might miss their chance. Play at any tournament you can, even if there are no prizes. Prove yourself, and opportunities will come to you.

  1. Sell virtual items for real money.

While you play particular titles, you will collect many in-game items. Most of them are cosmetic and can’t help you to play better. Sell them! There are people who are ready to buy Dota 2 items, which they can’t get in the game, or buy CS:GO skins just for looking and feeling great in this shooter. There are people who don’t need such items, but they are ready to pay for nicely developed accounts in such games as Pokémon Go or Hearthstone – to save their time and start not from scratch. Do some job for them and get your money. Mind that living on this revenue is rather a dream. But making an extra profit for new games, equipment, and pleasant surprises – this is a reality. Also, this way of earning can help immensely in the early stages of the previous two: pro-players and streamers play a lot, get lots of skins, so they can sell them profitably and get money for the developing of their career.

The most obvious mistakes here are:

Traders expect too much from the very start. A massive chunk of success depends on your skills here, so you will need lots of time to develop them. The more you play a particular title, the more items you get from it. The process might take more time than you expect. Also, some luck is needed here. Without it, you will be getting cheap skins. Being lucky is something that doesn’t depend on us.

There are lots of scam in this area. Frauds want to get items and give nothing in return. Use trustworthy platforms to avoid this. Read reviews and feedbacks of real users. Make small deals before you begin to trust a marketplace.

  1. Build a career in the gaming industry.

That’s not exactly a way to earn by playing games – you will need to do something else, like making images, creating game code, communicating with people, writing texts… There are lots of ways to work in the industry, and playing games will definitely help you to be successful here.

On the one hand, this is the most certain way. Find something you like to do in the game creation or promotion and learn this profession. A job in a gaming company is stability in revenue and a chance to be an active part of the gaming community.

On the other hand, you will need to concentrate on your profession more than on playing games. This is like building a career in any other area – be yourself and find your own way. Here also may be “errors”, but this is your way, so let those mistakes help you to grow and be better.

Making money on playing games is not an illusion, but there are lots of illusions around this topic. It will be super nice if this article could help you to see the situation clearly and make good decisions.

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