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Do you love to play Carrom? Do you want to be a master in carrom billiards game? If yes, then here are some of the tips and tricks that will help you become a master. The word billiard makes us recall the billiard game, which is played on a table with different colored balls. Carrom and billiards have some similarities. Like in the game of carrom, we use a striker to hit other dicks but in billiards, we use a while ball and a long stick to hit other balls. Carrom has an important disk known as “Queen”, likewise billiards has an important ball known as “8 ball”. 

Billiards is played on a rectangular table in which you can find 6 pockets where a player needs to pocket the balls. In billiards, you can find a lot of varieties. There are different types of billiard games played all over the world such as Artistic Billiards, Balkline, and Straight Rail, Cushion Caroms, Four-ball, Three-cushion Billiards, Pocket billiards – Pool, 8-ball Pool, 9-ball Pool, 10-ball Pool, One-pocket Pool, Bank Pool, Straight Pool, Cutthroat Pool, Pocket billiards – Snooker, etc. All these types of billiard games fall under 2 categories of board games known as “Carrom billiards game” and “Pocket billiards”.

A Brief of Carrom Billiards Game:

Following are some of the tips and rules of carrom billiards game that will help you understand the game and you can become a master with practice.

  1. What is Carrom billiards game? Carrom billiards are different from normal carrom board games. This game is played with 3 balls with fewer pockets or on a pocket-less table. The balls are 2 white and 1 red ball. The balls are placed vertically where one ball is called the head and the center ball is known as the center and the last ball is known as the foot. The red ball is always put in the middle. This cue sport is also known as “Carambole billiards”. The primary objective of this game is that a player needs to hit his cue ball into another 2 balls in a single shot.
  2. Game Table and Balls: The carrom billiards game table is different from all other billiard game tables. This table has no pockets. The surface of the table is very smooth and for that, the game requires a special kind of cloth. Before the game starts, this cloth is placed on the surface of the table for smooth running of balls. To avoid moisture on cloth, people make the table a little hotter than the room temperature. The 3 balls that are used in the game are known as object ball (Redone), dotted white ball, and plain white ball. The game rules and regulations are changed from the previous one due to the modern style. Nowadays, dotted white balls have been replaced with yellow balls to make it more simple. A standard carom billiard table is around 10 feet long.
  3. Game Rules: As mentioned above, the primary objective of this game is to hit one white ball into the next ball. The basic carrom billiards game rule is to maintain the shot a player makes in such a way that when a player hits the white ball, it is required to hit the boundaries of the table 3 times before the object ball (red ball). A player needs to make 1 point by hitting 2 other balls. In order to win the game, a player needs to reach a certain number of points without any specifications. It is not necessarily important that the cue ball needs to hit 3 different sides of the table. As long as the cue ball touches 3 times on any side, it will be considered a valid shot.
  4. Points: There are different points that a player needs to make such as Cushion first, 3 cushions, 1 cushion, 2 cushions, 3 Casin (white ball hits the object of the red ball, which after hits the third ball after 1 cushion), Red (object or red ball must hit first), Direct (No cushions allowed), Free (player can score anyway he wants). To win the game, any player who reaches 10 points in each figure will be declared as the winner.
  5. Game Master: A player can choose any of the white balls to hit. The basic carrom billiards game rule is the placing of balls where the red ball is placed at the bottom or foot and the cue ball at the head the object ball needs to place within 6 inches from the cue ball. At the beginning of the game, the first player needs to hit the red ball first in order to score. Later the player can choose to hit the white ball or red ball.


The carrom billiards game is considered one of the most classic cue sports in the billiards family. You can play this game online on gaming platforms like Getmega. It is one of the most popular gaming platforms, which will give you an opportunity to win real money by playing online games.

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