Is Mobile Gaming Taking Over The World?


As a gamer, you know there are countless platforms for you to use. One of these platforms is mobile phones. Although mobile gaming wasn’t so popular a few years ago, you could argue that it’s now quickly taking over the world.

Estimates have shown that it could easily become the world’s most popular gaming platform. This is for good reason and we’ll be going through how this can take place. 

How Could Mobile Gaming Overtake PC and Console Use?

Phones Are Everywhere

Everyone has a phone. You could say the same about a PC. However, more and more people are ditching their computers for better phones and tablets. What’s more, the number of people that have consoles is very low and PC gaming is making them extinct. 

Due to the sheer number of people who own phones, the number of mobile gamers is rapidly increasing. Developers are becoming aware of this so they’re making games fit for PC and Consoles accessible on mobile devices. 

Phones Are Cheap

You’ll see that mobiles are the cheapest of all gaming mediums. You can easily get a great phone for a fraction of the cost of a computer. 

Avid gamers are starting to invest in powerful mobiles as they can play some of the best games on the market while still saving money. 

The Power Of ISPS

ISPS is revolutionizing gaming. To game on a phone, you need a lot of data. This is because mobile games tend to run in the phone’s background. 

ISPS has created data plans specific to gaming. Thus, you can easily get a hold of an unlimited mobile plan, making gaming on your phone very easy. 

The data plans have attracted gamers. They’re ditching the hours spent on their PC or console, investing in their mobile phones due to this ease. 

Games Are Free

If you want to play a game on your console, whether it’s an Xbox or PlayStation, you’re going to have to purchase the game. Unfortunately, games for consoles can be very expensive. This is the case for PC gaming as well. This doesn’t mean you can’t get free games on the computer, though, it’s just that they aren’t the best. 

In terms of mobile gaming, this is not the case. You can easily access the majority of its best games free of charge. Those that are priced happen to be incredibly cheap. 

Phones Are Portable

The fact that phones are portable makes them great for gaming. Wherever you are, you’ll always have the device with you. So whenever you’re bored, you can swipe through your favorite games. 

This is making mobile gaming very common as you can’t take your console or PC everywhere with you. 

You Don’t Need Third-Party Software

If your computer doesn’t have the specs to run a specific game, you don’t have to fear. You can get hold of it through a third party software like Steam. 

Although Steam is great, many are not fans of this service as much of their games are expensive. 

You don’t need third-party software to run games on phones. Even some of the worst mobiles are still able to run games easily. This is not the case with computers as specs are extremely important. 

Can Mobile Gaming Really Overtake PC And Console Use?

We just discussed some of the many ways mobile gaming could overtake its competitors. However, this may not be the case as consoles and PC gaming still pack a punch. Here’s why:

There’s A Stigma

Most users would be fine playing a few games on their phones. They’ll probably do this whenever they’re bored. However, they wouldn’t call themselves “gamers”

In the gaming world, there’s a stigma associated with mobile gaming as it isn’t deemed to be on the same level as PC or console use. 

Because of this, no matter how good mobile games might be, people won’t be gaming on it seriously unless views about the platform change. And even if mobile gaming is on the rise, mobile gamers would not call themselves proper gamers until the stigma disappears. 

PCs Are Powerful

Computers are pretty powerful which is why they can handle some of the most extensive games. This is especially true in terms of graphics as gaming computers keep evolving their Graphics cards. Such games aren’t available on mobiles because they don’t have the processing power to run them.

Thus, you have no choice but to use a PC if you want to experience some of the more serious games in the industry. Hence, mobile gaming has its limits. 

If you’re interested in a gaming PC, you’ll notice they’re incredibly cost-effective. You can use them for everything, not just gaming. They can become your everyday driver.

Are Mobile Games Really Free?

Some of the major mobile games are free, but they charge you to use certain features. You’ll only be able to access basic features in the game. Thus, your experience on it will be limited.

If you want to unlock the other features, you’ll have to pay the necessary amount. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive. 

As you can’t unlock these vital features without paying, you’re better off paying for a PC or console game. This is because they’re cheaper and have no hidden costs. 

Hacking Is On The Rise

Mobile games can easily be hacked. If you’re an avid gamer, you might be aware of this. This can make mobile gaming a turn off.

So, unless mobile game developers find a way to fix this, you won’t see avid gamers enjoying the benefits of mobile gaming.

Phones Are Small

Being a gamer, eye strain is a serious issue. If you have issues with your eyes, you should stay away from mobile gaming. Due to how small the screen is, playing on it would be quite difficult. 

That’s why you should invest in a computer monitor, or the television your console is plugged to. 

Moreover, as phone screens are so small, major developers are hesitant to release games for these devices. Users won’t be able to experience as vivid an experience as with console or PC games. 

That being said, phones keep getting bigger and bigger, so this problem may be solved in the near future. 


It’s easy to see why mobile gaming has become so popular. That being said, the answer to whether mobile games will overtake PC and console games is no. At least, not anytime soon. This is because: 

  • Mobile screens are too small to game on
  • Mobile games are easy to hack 
  • Mobile games have hidden costs
  • Mobiles have fewer games available.
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