New World levelling guide – the quickest way to level up your character and trade skills


Do you want to know how to level up quickly in New World? Amazon’s ambitious entry into the realm of MMORPGs will no doubt absorb the life of many a player who desires to level up their character as fast as possible once the game is fully launched. Most players, however, will take a long time to achieve the top levels unless they follow the recommendations below and master all of the New World’s fastest levelling ways.

We’ll guide you through the finest XP sources in New World, from Main Quests to Town Missions, as well as some little things you can do to increase your XP gain over time. We’ll also go through how to boost your Trade Skill levels and weapon mastery as quickly as possible. And if you’re looking to level up your online gaming experience check out for games on the HappyLuke site. Players can rely on this platform as one of the best Asian live online casinos.

Fastest levelling methods in New World

In every MMO, levelling up is a long and difficult process that needs you to grind for several hours to achieve the level cap. Fortunately, there are certain techniques you can use in New World to speed up the levelling process.

Here are some of the quickest New World levelling strategies we’ve uncovered for swiftly gaining XP:

Complete as many Town Missions as you can

Since the closed beta of New World, the XP gain of Town Tasks has been nerfed, but the number of these missions and their relative simplicity make them a strong tool for quick levelling.

You can see what Town Missions are available by looking at the Town Project Board in the town you’re in, and you can activate up to 12 at a time. Ensure you prioritize the tasks that offer the most XP. Some of these Town Missions are quite simple to complete and will reward you with a large quantity of XP in no time.

Earn the Well Rested XP bonus by resting in a settlement

If you have to log off from New World for an extended period of time, make sure you park your character in a settlement beforehand. When you return, the Rested XP status effect will be applied automatically.

Examine the XP bar at the bottom of your screen. There will be a grey section of the bar at the end of the filled portion if the Well Rested effect is active. You’ll receive additional XP for all jobs that grant you any sort of character XP until this grey section is full. It’s a minor advantage, but it builds up over time.

Use the most efficient mode of transportation to get from one location to another

Aeturnum is an expansive land, and quests might be somewhat dispersed. You’ll want to minimize downtime and improve efficiency when traveling to level up as soon as possible, and the easiest way to accomplish this is to employ New World’s fast travel choices. Because there are no horses in New World and you can’t improve your base movement speed, you’ll need to go quickly.

Complete the primary missions as fast as you can

As a low-level player, your best source of XP will be finishing the main missions as soon as you’re able. Naturally, pay attention to the recommended level for each quest to avoid taking on more than you can handle, but the major missions will earn you a massive amount of XP compared to nearly any other XP source accessible to you at the start.

You may also make the most of your travel by completing side missions along the route to your next main quest location.

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