PS4 vs PS4 Pro? Which is Best to Buy for Gaming


Sony launched two new consoles back in 2016 – the PS4 Pro is a meatier, more powerful unit that delivers better performance and offers 4K gaming. It also introduced another console to its lineup called the PS4 Slim, which has similar functionality but with an updated form factor for those looking for something sleeker. The original PlayStation was phased out from this point on as Sony’s latest release became known simply as “PS5.” There are only two versions of it currently available: one being digital-only without any disc drive (henceforth referred to as the ‘PS5 Digital Edition’), while there will be other physical releases.

PS4 Pro vs PS4 – Dimensions

Sony has been very secretive about their technology for the PS4 Pro, but they have released some information on how it will perform. The graphics processor in this new console is just over twice as powerful than that of the original Sony PlayStation 4 and its upgraded processing power can handle physics better with artificial intelligence to make games much more realistic!

Sony’s newest, most powerful console is the PS4 Pro which functions as a powerhouse for all your gaming needs. The unit has 8GB of GDDR5 memory to run at its maximum performance and an additional 1GB if you’re interested in Netflix or other non-gaming related applications.

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Graphics Comparison

Have you ever wondered what the PS4 Pro is capable of? The truth is, it can do a lot. Some developers will use its power to increase their games’ resolution so they look better on 4K TVs; others might decide to make graphics even more realistic with sharper textures or photorealistic facial expressions and hair movement.

Still other developers may want to create an entirely new experience for players by using features like supersampling (a technique that renders images at higher resolutions and then downscales them), HDR color support, or anti-aliasing techniques. All in all, there are countless ways Sony’s newest console could change our gaming landscape forever!

But I heard the PS4 Pro doesn’t actually run games at native 4K, and that it is just upscaling.

But what does this mean for those who want to play on a TV with 4k resolution?

It is true that some games run at a native four-kilometer resolution, which means 3,840 by 2160 lines pixels. But the most demanding games will not because it’s very hard to render them smoothly even with all of PS4 Pro’s power behind you. The average PC can’t handle this kind of high-resolution gaming either and would cost several times more than what PlayStation 4 pro does!

Sony has employed a clever technique that improves this process, so much so that’s it’s very hard to tell the difference between its upscaled visuals and native 4K ones. There is a noticeable difference when comparing 1080p games on both consoles but since Sony achieves an almost seamless upscale, there really isn’t any reason not to buy one of their systems if you want your console gaming experience in ultra-high definition.

What the heck is HDR?

HDR, short for High Dynamic Range, is about making films and TV brighter and more colorful. For years TVs have been hampered by decades-old standards designed for CRT TVs and cinema screens; but HDR defines a new standard that allows them to exploit their full potential – higher peak brightness levels leading to bright colors throughout the picture with an increased sense of realism.

Again it’s hard to appreciate this unless you already own an HDR enabled television set (or PS4 Pro), but just imagine how immersive viewing will be if everyone were suddenly able watch content like they never could before!

4K HDR TV to use the PS4 Pro?

What the heck is HDR? It’s a fancy new kind of TV that does everything better. Higher peak brightness and brighter, more vibrant colors throughout make for an even more realistic picture on your screen. In this respect it might seem like you don’t have to upgrade until every show or movie comes in with HDR too– but if so few people are still using 4K TVs, then why not save up for one now instead?

Final Thoughts

Just because the PS4 Pro doesn’t require a 4K TV, it still recommends you have one. Some games use Supersampling to improve graphics for players on 1080p TVs but not all games will do this. As of right now I don’t think upgrading from your existing PS4 is worth it if you don’t already own a 4K TV due to some improvements in frame rate and Boost Mode coming soon with update v50 that will allow noticeable improvement up to 40%. This reason should be enough for those without any kind of 4k tv investment

One of the reasons to upgrade is if you have a 4K TV, but upgrading for that reason doesn’t make sense. A PS4 Pro will not provide any more benefits than standard HDTVs and it’s best to save your money until you can afford both items.

The next generation of games is just around the corner, and there are all sorts of goodies to look forward to. For those who want an upgrade now, Pro supports 4K with good performance in many games as well as HDMI 2.1 support for PS5’s power!

It’s not a necessity, but the PS4 Pro is an investment that you can live without. However, if you plan on upgrading your TV or getting a Playstation VR soon then it would be best to bring home the console with it so that those screens provide maximum visual treat and you get the quality you are aiming for you.

Who doesn’t like to play games? But with the increasing visual quality of many games, we can expect that among the three PlayStation 4s, the PS4 Pro would be able to run these more powerful games smoothly and with better visual quality but we need to keep in mind that PS5 is now in the market so technology is revolving every day and we are getting enough upgraded products for a better experience. Before making any decision do your research work thoroughly so you won’t regret on your decision after purchase of any Play station model for your fun time. Comment below if this blog post helped!

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