Some Immersive Phone Based Pastimes


A pastime is an activity someone does for enjoyment in their spare time. This has changed a lot over the years due to technology. No longer are people restricted to activities like yo yo’s, marbles, or watching one of three terrestrial channels on TV!

This is particularly the case for gaming. Once, board games were particularly popular, and to this day, they still have a reasonable following. Then, video games and PC gaming became established. Which eventually progressed to mobile gaming we have today.

The popularity of mobile gaming today means that many third-party publishers and developers now dedicate lots of resources to mobile games. Even classic games are making a comeback. 

Mobile Betting is Growing in Popularity as well

Mobile betting gives people the freedom to bet anywhere they want, without stepping one foot in their local bookies. Many technological advancements have enabled this, like new devices coming to markets, quicker internet becoming available, and more mobile apps being released.

More punters now bet on mobile apps than visit the bookies, with 72% doing this. Brands are taking note, responding well to changes in consumer behaviour. 

Apps are providing a larger choice of payment options and promotions, while GPS technology now allows racing fans to bet on their favourite horse in real time. It’s also now very easy for punters to keep up to date, with pre-game stats, tips, odds and calculations being available in-app. Users can also opt in for online betting offers as well, making these sites all the more enticing.

Why is Mobile Gaming Growing in Popularity?

It’s Becoming More Accessible.

Everyone can now access games through their smartphone, plus, mobile games, like Candy Crush and Words with Friends, are highly addictive. Downloading them is a breeze, and there’s no need to visit a store to purchase the latest title like you would a video game.

Mobile games can be enjoyed anywhere, but users who need to use their phones for other things should bring a power bank, as mobile games drain batteries! 

The way games are being developed is also changing, with developers focusing more and more on fun, mobile games that are quick and easy to use. Larger games are also available, where users can save their progress as they go.

Mobile Games are Increasingly Rivalling Console Titles

In fact, games previously only available on console, are now transferring to mobile versions as well, particularly Nintendo. This is also the case for classic games, or other games, which may release on both PC/console and mobile. Not before long, we will be able to experience console quality games on our mobiles. 

While many think that playing on a touch screen cannot rival the console experience, changes are being made to bridge this gap. Mobile friendly controllers are being created, and while being pricey, they do allow better control of mobile games. In other words, users can play their favourite console game on their mobile, saving money in the process.

It’s Cheaper than Console and PC Games

Although not all titles are free, the ones which are paid for are usually outstanding. In fact, they may rival console games. 

The ones which are free usually utilise expensive in-app purchases to make them viable. However, users can skip these if they choose. Other games allow players to unlock levels the more they play, which is the case for the game Endless Runners. 

Mobile Games are Fun

Originally, mobile games started on platforms like the Gameboy, where titles included the likes of ‘Brick’. Now, things are more advanced, but they still go on the same premise – to provide entertainment.

Another reason why mobile games are so popular is they are based around very creative concepts, yet another reason why people go back to app stores to download them time and again.

They have a wide appeal, from racing games and simulators to MMO’s and RPG’s. Even phone manufacturers are now taking note, designing and manufacturing their phones to a specific audience, so they can access even more games and apps.

Just like Mobile Games, the Trading of Stocks and Shares is also Growing in Popularity

This is particularly the case in the UK, where around 33% of the population now own shares. Interestingly, 55% of this audience actually do this because they believe interest rates on savings accounts are poor.

It’s also believed that stocks and shares are getting a growing audience because of some companies doing particularly well. 

Although it was once seen as an activity of the ‘elite minority’, it’s growing in popularity with both millennials and gen-z. There are a number of reasons believed to be causing this.

To begin with, just like mobile gaming, it’s becoming much more accessible, because apps are being released. Between 27% and 32% of people say this is the reason why they’re more likely to invest. Another reason is a drop in fees.

42% of millennials also say they’re attracted to stocks and shares due to the dividends they produce.

Mobile Gaming and Investing now Appeals to a Large Audience

Thanks to advancements in technology, pastimes are now changing. While traditional pastimes like board games, golf and gardening still remain firm favourites, more up to date hobbies like investments and mobile gaming have never been more popular.

Interestingly, they both have a fair amount in common. They are prevalent in the app world, making them more accessible to a wider range of people. Plus, they’ve both become more easier and fun to use. 

This is why both mobile gaming and investments appeal to such a diverse group of people, rather than a niche.

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