The Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2021


In comparison to the PS5 for example, Nintendo Switch is probably seen as the old guy in the room. However, with Nintendo Switch managing to take the lead for the most units sold for the 36-month running, you can pretty much say that the console is very much still in business. Now that the festive season is upon us, many seek to gift their loved ones the best games out there to enjoy on their consoles. So, within this quick guide, you will find a quick list of the games you should hit up this season, to make sure you get the gifting right!

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Metroid Dead

Metroid Dread was seen as one of the biggest games for the year for the Switch platform. Why this game was so anticipated was because of its previous cancellation on DS. Meaning after nearly two decades, players can rejoice and really enjoy what this game has to offer. 

Hitting all the right notes, this game provides exploration for the adventure hungry, fights for glory and of course great storylines and platform sequels which really put you in awe over the quality of the graphics and progression of the game itself. While the Metroid progression is something that has been added with a little pizazz, you will come to be aware of the Killer robots EMMI, and the new suit powers that will provide you even more hidden power and talents than ever before. This will provide great satisfaction to players who are looking to play a comfortable game.

Monster Hunter Rise 

This game catapults gamers straight into the action of a mega-stardom experience. Monster Hunter Rise is a mechanical game that gives players access to a flow of a combat game, in addition to the exploration of adventure, to those that are hungry for more than a fight and battle. Hunters will be able to zip around the locality within the game and make acquaintances of friends from enemies. This game is a full RPG experience that has its own customisation opportunities for players that seek to mould their gaming experience around a genre more suited to their gaming passions.

Many switch gamers who play this believe that the gaming experience is a 9/10, making it one that should be unmistakably added to any aspiring gamers’ to-do list. 

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

To those that remember the Nintendo DS days when Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were the go-to games to play, having them on Switch makes gaming matters more exciting and hopeful. The latest graphics of this game rendition are by far more impeccable and make the good-old days seem like a distant memory and dream. Without a doubt if you are craving a Pokémon game better than anything else, this edition is the best shot to play from the many in Nintendo’s library. With added new gaming battle mode sequels, in addition to Pokémon’s, we have high hopes for the release of Pokémon Arceus set to be released at the start of next year.

Animal Crossing: Happy Paradise

Last but not least, we have the latest paid update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. Players have the opportunity to design homes for clients on the new island bestowed for access to the main resident of the game. With your creative capabilities, you will help vacationers in creating their ideal vacation paradise, following the specifications that they give you. Not only does this give you added design capabilities to the original New Horizons that you can use, but you will have new goals and aims to achieve beyond the life of creating your own island. As simple as the game puts itself across, you will soon build up the trust of your clientele to take on bigger projects such as schools, shopping malls and so on. All in a hard day’s work they say!

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