The Greatest Industries To Find A Home Online As Well As Off


If it works, make a console game about it. That’s long been the mentality of the gaming industry and given that it’s an approach that undoubtedly works, it’s a mentality that will long continue.

We’re obsessed with games these days that transport us into a different realm and allow us to live vicariously as the head driver for Ferrari, a fighter pilot or the captain of Real Madrid. It’s an escape from the real world, but with increasing advances in technology many games now couple that escapism with a feeling of authenticity that in some cases compromises little on the experience of the real thing.

So which games achieve this best?

Online Casino
Online casinos have turned the gambling industry into a worldwide giant worth tens of billions of pounds, and that’s because what they offer is a genuine high-quality experience.

It’s clear that online gambling is on the rise and is gradually removing the need for land-based casinos. Whether it be poker, blackjack or online slots, why incur the expense of a trip to Vegas when you can get the same casino experience from your sofa at home in the UK?

Ok, so the experience of course isn’t quite the same, but when it comes to slots for example, there are thousands, all with varying themes, offering different bonus rounds and bigger payouts than you’d get in your local area. You can read more about them on popular gambling sites such as Which Bingo, which offer in-depth guides on how to play online and off. The thrills, spills, and ecstasy of winning are all certainly there.

Racing Games
In recent years, the improvement of graphics and technology has seen the racing genre of the game take off even more.

You can create a set-up similar to that of a Formula 1 driver in your living room and with virtual reality can even be transported to some of the most famous race tracks on the planet.

It’s one of the leading eSports currently and has major backers including the likes of McLaren who have created their Shadow Project, which works in the same way as their real-life racing programme.

Flight Simulation
Pilots spend much of their time in flight simulators and a large part of their training is spent doing hundreds of hours in one. Perfecting taking off and landing and reacting to all manner of problems.

However, flight simulators can also be used by people simply wanting to give it a go. They’ve long been popular with games, and with increased graphics and tech over the last few years, they’re more realistic than ever.

Virtual reality will mark an even more life-like experience, with pilot training expected to see completely new dawn with the technology.

Golf is an incredibly difficult game to master and even for many of those budding enthusiasts in the UK, our inclement and often miserable weather can often dampen your motivation to get out on the fairways.

But fear not! There are now a number of virtual golf centres that have popped up around the UK, where you can play the game under the comfort of shelter, and with VR making the experience increasingly realistic.

Failing that, there are realistic golf simulators online if you would rather ‘play’ at home, with WGT World Golf Tour being among the most authentic.

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