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The gaming industry is one of the hottest and happening industries in the world. Each and every day witnesses release of new games. At the same time they are all always lots of interesting happenings that surrounds the gaming world. There are different genres of games with each of them having their own uniqueness and takers that keeps on buzzing the gaming world. In this article, we will try to cover up some of the most interesting news related to the world of gaming from all around the world. So let us get started without wasting any more time.

Google Stadia is all set to get release in November 2019

Google is perhaps the most popular name on the internet. Everybody knows about Google and Google products. In the last couple of decades or so, Google has provided quality products in almost every field related to digital world. While Google search engine remains on the top of the Charts, Google is always trying to innovate and provide something cool and different in the digital world. Its latest offering comes in the gaming industry where it plans to launch stadia. 

Stadia is the cloud based gaming service provided by Google, which is expected to get release somewhere around November 2019. What makes it different from other gaming resources is that it would simply require an internet connection and Google Chrome to run. One of the greatest complaints of the gaming fans is that most of the games often requires an additional hardware and have compatibility issues due to one reason or the other. It all seems to end to end to a great extent with stadia. 

Study is going to have and international release with its main focus in Europe to begin with. Unlike other Google services which are mostly free, stadia will is expected to have a premium membership to get started. There are rumors that a parallel free demo or trial service would be a part of the package but this news is yet to be confirmed.

All said and done, we can expect remarkable revolution in the gaming industry if study is get suppository response from the Giving fans. The success and failure of stadia will determine the future of the gaming industry. So, we have to keep an eye on this November to discover what Stadia has to offer to the gaming world. 

NBA 2K20 Trailer axed by critics 

NBA is one of the most popular sports games and has got lots of fans all over the world. So whenever there is a new release of the NBA game, the gamers anxiously wait for its news an update related to the game. However, the latest NBA 2K20 offering brought more criticism than claps. 

 The main point of criticism for the latest edition of NBA game is that it has got more of an online casino games kind of looks rather than an expected sports setup. This has been seen as a propaganda from the casino world to make it popular. However, there are mixed opinions shared by the Gaming experts as well as the gaming fans on this topic. 

While some supports this concept, others are not really interested in the comparison and they are more interested and anxiously awaiting for the release of the game. They are much more interested in knowing what other features does the latest game has to offer rather than its graphics and setup. All said and done, the game has been able to steer the initial ripples and that is considered as a successful marketing strategy.  We just hope that we see a spectacular offering of the game which gets its release due in the coming months.

The French ruling versus EU law

Copyrights, patents and the rights of intellectual properties has been one of the most complex and technical issues that the law has to deal with every now and then. This becomes even more technical and complicated in the case of gaming industry. Europe is far ahead and serious about the copyrights and intellectual property issues and addresses them very seriously. While piracy and copying the concept of a game is not an alien thing, but Europe is probably the strictest continent with its laws trying it’s best to protect the interest of the intellectual property related to gaming. 

However, the new French ruling does not seem to agree with this popular view. This has made things more complicated and all eyes are now on the next proceedings. The conflict between the latest French ruling is not in consent with the standard European law about piracy and copying the concept of a game. They are face to face with each other and further proceedings in this matter would decide the fate of the gaming industry. 

As far as the gaming business is concerned, this dispute is turning out to be a matter of grave concern to the investors. The funding of every business is mainly dependent on its investors and gaming industry is no exception to this rule and this dispute is beginning to buzz their nerves now. If the investors are not confident enough about the protection of their copyrights and intellectual property, then that will have an adverse effect on the investment in the gaming industry which will surely hinder its progress in the coming future. Therefore, all eyes are set on this latest development. We are all anxiously await for the outcome of this issue.

We hope that you found this compilation interesting and we were able to make you a little bit aware about some of the most interesting news and happenings in the world of gaming. In order to have a regular update on the subject, you can also browse some of the news gaming aggregators sites that keeps on posting interesting news every hour and minute. If you have anything to say about this article, then simply let us know in the comments section. We wait for your comments with interest. We appreciate the time that you put in reading this article.

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