This is How You Cheat Your Way to a Luxury Life in The Sims


The Sims is a game you could play for hours. It has endless ways to play which makes it interesting and fun, over and over again. You sit down to play for a couple of hours and suddenly the whole day has gone past without you noticing it. This is the reason why the game is so popular, the many opportunities within one game mode. However, there is a way to make the game even more exciting!

You can let them go the career way and have them work in finance, becoming CEO of a big company or maybe try out trading and investments. If you choose to do so, it’s a good way to become familiar with all the possibilities within trading and how it can open op lucrative opportunities. There’s a lot to learn, including several tools, which you can read more about here. Having the right tools can enhance your experience, whether it is playing games or trying to learn more about investments.

This alternative, but strategic way of playing The Sims, will earn your characters money and give you the opportunity to decorate, go on vacations and drive nice cars. If you don’t want to work as much, there is still a way you can earn money, and the above mentioned could be the way forward.   

Cheat codes

Using cheat codes works in all the newer the Sims games. It can be used and played on a mac, alongside many other good games for Mac. You can also play the Sims on a Windows computer with all the cheat codes. To activate the tab for cheat codes, press Ctrl + Shift + C while in game to open the cheat console. Then all you need is to type in the desired code and then press the escape button. There are codes for many different things in The Sims, that lets you play in a different, and perhaps more fun way, here are some of them. 

The riches Sim in town  

The code “Motherlode” will give you an unlimited amount of money. This way you can live a luxury life without working, or simply start living your life right away, without the need to climb up the career ladder. If you would like to build a nice house, but still work for your income later on, you can fill up your bank with the cheat code and build your house like you want. You will most likely spend most of it, if not all, and then live your life with a 2normal” income after that. Or you can live a life where money is never a problem, and your sim can get anything he or she wants. 

Other ways to earn money

There are plenty of ways to earn money in The Sims. You can find a job in the newspaper or online. Here you will start at the bottom in a poorly paid position. From here you need to do well at work and acquire the fitting skills to be good. Teens can work in part time jobs as well! The Sims is a lifestyle game where you design a person or a family, and a home for them. Furthermore, you can design how their lives are going to go. What will they work as? Will they have children and grow a family? The many options is why people play The Sims so much, it is all up to you!

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