Ultimate Boss of FFVII is coming to Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy VII remake version is considering as one of the most anticipated games of 2020. When the main title debuted in the year 1997, it became one of the best games of all-time and the fans have been waiting for the remake version since it was confirmed back in the year 2014. Recently, the developers confirmed that the boss of Final Fantasy VII, Ruby Weapon will reach out to Final Fantasy XIV with the upcoming 5.2 Patch. 

Introduction of Ruby Weapon

You might know that Ruby Weapon is an official boss that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII. However, the creature made its appearance in the desert, situated near the Gold Saucer amusement park. Ruby Weapon serves as one of the five weapons to make their appearance awesome to the game, with the other four beings, such as Sapphire Weapon, Emerald Weapon, Diamond Weapon, and Ultimate Weapon. Lots of players revealed that Ruby Weapon was the toughest creature to defeat during the gameplay, after that, the second challenging creature is Emerald Weapon. 

Four Fierce Bosses

In Final Fantasy VII, the weapons were established with the aim of taking down Jenova and defending the planet from vicious creatures. However, unlike Sapphire, Ultimate, and Diamond weapons, Ruby and Emerald’s Weapon hold the distinction of not being in the main title of FFVII. Both challenging enemies were included for the NA release and later came to the worldwide version. 

Final Fantasy XIV is the most popular MMORPG video game created by Square Enix. Set in the fantasy-based world, known as Hydaelyn, the game is offering a unique storyline, but with new characters, challenging bosses, and other elements spanning the Final Fantasy franchise. The 5.0 patch released back in July for the game included new character classes focused on Final Fantasy X and NieR: Automata. Like other MMORPGs, the game lets the player choose his favorite class from available and jump over the game world to make FFXIV Gil (in-game currency) which can be sold on Eldorado gg. The player navigates the environment from a third-person perspective and the main objective is to confront challenging bosses and defeat them to advance the story. 

Is there any way to Defeat Ruby Weapon? 

Players of Final Fantasy XIV gets ready to face off the most challenging boss of FFVII, Ruby Weapon. Although it’s challenging to defeat, the player can make a plan with buddies to defeat. There are several weapons that will help the player in achieving the objectives while advancing through the story to face off deadly antagonists too. As compared to Final Fantasy XI, in which the epic gameplay is forefront at all-time, while the gameplay of XIV is modified so that the player can go for a long time without participating in any party. The game doesn’t feature any auto-attack option and each action require a manual input while an enemy is targeted. Every performed action uses the stamina bar. However, through defeating vicious monsters, completing challenging quests, and crafting items will reward the player with EXP points which the player uses to approach new content.  

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