What Games Publishers Can Learn from Online Casinos


Some of the world’s biggest video game publishers include Nintendo, EA (Electronic Arts), and Sony. Although these companies are raking it in from sales of their games, making hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars, there’s always room for improvement.

In particular, these companies could learn something from the competitive world of online casinos. Online casinos are also making a ton of money by offering high-quality games and interactive experiences that fans love. That’s not the only way they’re appealing to players though and that list of games publishers could learn a thing or two.

Platform Exclusives Aren’t Ideal

The first leaf they could take from the online casino book is that platform exclusive are not ideal. Tons of games have exclusive content including Call of Duty World War 2‘s timed exclusive DLC which was available on PS4 for 30 days before it came to PC and Xbox One ranging to platform exclusives like God of War which is only available on PS4.

But publishers must learn that platform exclusives aren’t ideal and will only alienate players. In comparison, Microgaming sites are online casino sites that offer Microgaming’s popular progressive slots including jackpot slots as well as classic table games such as baccarat and blackjack. These casinos draw players in with the range of brilliant Microgaming games as well as their different offers, including offers for free spins as well as welcome bonuses.  The lack of exclusives just isn’t a problem.

Gamers Love Tie-Ins (When They’re Done Right)

Publishers could also learn that tie-ins are actually loved by gamers – but only when they’re done right. The tie-in slots are a highlight of this Jackpot City review. It notes that tie-in online slots such as the Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, and Terminator 2 slots are some of the hot new releases offered by the platform. These tie-ins are especially loved by players because they stay true to the franchise, with each slot using reel symbols that reference the source material.

There are tons of opportunities for video game tie-ins, including spin-off television shows, new games that focus on a background character, and lines of merchandise that give fans a new way to show off their love for a franchise. Tie-ins can be done well so long as publishers put in the effort; the same effort that we’ve seen with these online slots. 

Video game publishers have been around for decades, but this highlights that they could still improve. By taking these points on board, they could make the industry much better for those who enjoy its games.

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