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With the technological advancement of personal computers and smart mobile devices, more services are now available to the consumer. They are very helpful especially for entertainment purposes; you can listen to music, watch movies and even play games. However, this has posed a challenge to the game industry. Customers today are not buying video games or gaming consoles as they used to in the past. After all, why buy expensive playing devices when a cheaper computer or Smartphone can render the same games?

Many people therefore choose to forgo video games but not without a cost. The electronic devices do not bring with them the same experience as that of traditional video games. To help computer customers share the same simulation as when playing on game boxes, a gamecube emulator has a solution at hand. You can download a console emulator of choice-one that is compatible to your personal machine. We can discuss a few.

Nintendo 64

This is a 1964 emulator made by Schibo and Rice. It’s created for a windows operating system platform. It is also one of the best Nintendo products, this being proven by its tremendous download scale. It has 27,063 downloads so far as shown by the ROMs mania website.

This is as it is because of the product’s high game compatibility rate. It means that the hardware can play a variety of games with different formats.

However, the device has a common list of errors which can be deemed as its shortcomings. These include; Instant crashing, ultra-fastness, losing full screen filters, sometimes failing to start, the Pokémon stadium game freezes after using fly while super Mario 64 shadows. The Nintendo help and support team is ever ready to fix them for you though.

Super Nintendo

This software is abbreviated BSNES and has a wide variety of platforms e.g. Nokia and Mac Os x. It can support a wide range of game chips, for example,DSP1-DSP4 and SuperFX custom chips, and also has a full sound characteristic.

Unlike other emulators which focus on performance this one perfect accuracy. This makes it very popular with over 51,502 downloads so far. Sadly, only those with an Intel-based Mac operating system and a few Nokia users can enjoy it.

Gameboy Color

It is abbreviated BGB and created for a windows [operating system] platform. It has great features such as gamepad support, high quality sound and graphics, smooth sync animation and low latency. It also contains a debugger that helps you assess the emulator, develop your own game cheat codes and therefore create and modify ROMs.

The special difference with other software is that it focuses on a good game play experience. It also has high emulation accuracy e.g. clock exact timing of LCD behavior or state changes. This is responsible for its high download rates ranging 121,631 currently. Its greatest disadvantage is that it can only play gameboy and gameboy color games on a personal computer.

With the availability of the emulators above alongside others, a game player can never run out of options. It only requires a slight understanding of one’s personal gadgets e.g. its operating system, a preference of the games one needs to play, the kind of game experience  in need for and game pleasure is fully guaranteed.


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