Your Guide to Renowned Video Games with the Best Soundtracks

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While the player often enjoys a movie, video game, or any other digital product in a complex way, the success of a release is built on the successful complementarity of several components. For example, high-quality work is needed not only for developers who are responsible for the highest quality realistic graphics, etc. but also for storytellers who create an exciting original storyline. No one will argue that the musical accompaniment, thanks to which the game manages to control your mood and emotions, is an indispensable attribute of an unforgettable game.

Some video titles have fewer musical inserts, and in some games, it is the music that creates a good 80% of the atmosphere. It’s okay if you have already played the games that will be discussed further – their replayability coupled with excellent soundtracks will awaken nostalgia and make you feel that you are dealing with really high-quality products.

Shadow of the Colossus

Starting our list with a title that has become legendary in equal measure thanks to the gameplay, graphics, and compositions; the credit for creating the latter lies with the Japanese composer Kow Otani. In truth, if you haven’t gotten into this game yet, it’s best not to admit it to players who have already played it – you’ll be envied, to say the least.

What about its plot? Shadow of the Colossus is by no means the choice for players in the mood for random plot twists, intense battles, and all that sort of thing. The deserted places through which the main character’s path lies rather allow you to relax, and the untouched nature of the locations fascinates with its beauty. The rendering of the landscapes also received high praise from critics and users, as well as the depiction of the wonderful giant colossi.

In fact, the constant actors in the game include only the main character – Vander – and Dormin, the mysterious tenant of the temple. Vander is on Dormin’s errands to bring his dead lover back to life and is willing to pay the price. The young man goes in search of colossi and kills them, at first without thinking why he does it. As Wander explores the territory and finds another giant, he begins to dig deeper into who Dormin is and how high the price is for bringing his girlfriend back to life.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Japanese composers, open spaces, the main character who does everything to save the princess from the main boss – the game has common features with the previous title. Is it still worth playing? Of course it is!

Your journey in this single-player game will be accompanied by an extraordinary musical range, which intensifies when events require it, then goes to the minimum so that the player can relax and be left alone with the main character among the sounds of nature. Throughout the game, you will have to show curiosity and get used to the fact that you can climb the highest mountains and cross stormy waters, meet interesting and insidious characters in the game, and even get distracted from the main plot by various quests. All this with incredible, atmospheric music, of course.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill probably wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the compositions written by the maestro, Japanese composer Akira Yamaoka. The synergy of visual and audio elements affects the players psychologically and even hypnotically – it is very difficult to break away from the gameplay, although sometimes it is very scary! The composer skillfully plays with the feelings of the player, awakening the desire to wake up from this nightmare and run as far as possible.

James Sunderland arrives in the city of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife – this is how the inconsolable widower decides once and for all to put an end to his sufferings that tormented him for several years after her death. Soon the main goal of the character becomes survival, which, by the way, is not so difficult to do when engaging in battle with monsters or simply running away from them. Making your way through abandoned dwellings and empty streets, and moving from one encounter to another, you begin to realize that everything you knew initially is nothing more than an echo in a dense fog… In general, you will fall in love with this game for its great music, excellent visual design, and a really creepy atmosphere.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If Geralt of Rivia has not yet managed to capture your heart and you are not in the army of fans of the video game, series, and other hype that has surrounded The Witcher all these years, then you may like the music of Polish composers and the orchestra who worked on the sounds in the game.

The main fun and duty for our extraordinary main character is the fight against monsters but, at the same time, he manages to do love affairs, make friends and enemies for himself. You need high-quality heroic peppy music to go through the gameplay, the folklore motifs of which would fit perfectly into the aesthetics of the game – and you will not be disappointed. Embark on side quests that organically fit into the game world, follow the main storyline, and the incredible universe of witchers, monsters, and ordinary people will take you over!

Final Fantasy XV

Although it is not easy to find fans of each and every series of Final Fantasy, they are all unanimous in their opinion that the musical accompaniment of the games is simply great. In over 30 years of its existence, the series has sold over 100 million copies and is a huge success in video games. Developers, as well as game composers, know how to keep the bar and cater to the players.

The plot of the game is somewhat reminiscent of road movie plots where friends go to an important event (in our case, it is the wedding of one of four friends), but circumstances do not allow them to reach their destination on time (in our case, due to a car breakdown). While the game’s setting is more than modern, their world is still inhabited by monsters, and there is a confrontation between the Lucis royal family and the imperials, hungry for world domination. Each of the four friends has a special character and skills that help the company complete quests together. The combat systems, central story and open-world quests all add to the game’s dynamism, as does the music from Japanese composers.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The epic nature of the game itself, as well as its soundtracks, has forever entered the history of video games. We don’t want to sound so epic, but what can we do! And praises for such excellent musical accompaniment must be given to Jeremy Soule, an American composer.

Skyrim is a huge, well-designed world with many scenarios. The main character, “Dragonborn”, must overcome the powerful dragon Alduin. However, your character doesn’t have to deal with the main storyline right away. You can choose the path of war, magical arts, or crafts. Thus, when you set off to explore the vast open world, you can fend for yourself by taking a weapon in each hand or going with a weapon and a spell.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The music from Red Dead Redemption is unmistakable from any other video game. A mix of vintage wind instruments, harmonica, deep bass, and other instruments perfectly helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a western. Well, it’s time to appreciate the coolness of the video game, on which, in addition to the main composer Woody Jackson, another 110 people worked.

As you enter this action-adventure game, you take on the role of the character Arthur Morgan. As a reliable adviser to the leader of the gang, Dutch van der Linde, you have to arrange life after a failed robbery. The level of crime and danger is just off the scale and therefore, you will need weapons such as revolvers, pistols, guns, rifles and shotguns – 50 types are available in total. The musical accompaniment directly reflects the hero’s environment, weather conditions, and the atmosphere of the Wild West. The history and life of the Van der Linde gang have become a cult and after passing the game, there is a pleasant aftertaste and a desire to repeat this adventure again.

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