Your Top 5 PSP Games Of All Time


The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was publicized as the Second Coming of handheld gaming before 2004. The year 2004 brought some major changes in the gaming industry. The backlit, widescreen, full-color, and 3D-rendering console, was introduced to make it more popular. The PSP roms have started receiving hype with an aggressive marketing to surpass all the expectation as well as to make the PSP isos games more popular across all gamers.

The PSP offers fun, entertaining, and unique games to entertain all type of players. If you love PSP roms and want to play popular games, you can visit the following article to know more about the top 5 games on PSP.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the 5th game on the Sony that stars Kratos and glowing-turned-god. The game released two years after the release of its predecessor. This game is based on the hyper-violent Greek methodology that believes in the rampant killing of God. This game can be the best for all those who love Hollywood style blockbuster. It is full of action and adventure. If you love adventure, you would not be turned off by a hero who slices the legs of a Cyclops. The game has three hills to climb. It enables the Kratos to become the new milked Madden. It feels like you got a war game for the new God. This game has high-quality combat gameplay, best camera work, and sharp graphics to create the feeling that you are involved in a God war.


DRAGON BALL Z is popular among the gamers. If you looking for a new addition, you should think of DRAGON BALL Z – TENKAICHI TAG TEAM. This game is developed by Namco Bandai. It is the true reflection of the Japanese animated series. The game comes with many features such as the ad-hoc multiplayer, campaign, and 2vs2 combat. The game does not try to prove something different than the predecessors. There are around seventy characters in the game to choose along with nine different and unique stages. In addition, you will find some modes including training, survival, Battle 100, and our favorite. Battle 100 is innovative as it will enable you to recreate the major battles. If you love challenges, then you can go with the survival mode. There is nothing surprising in this mode. However, it will keep you engaging in fighting throughout the game.


DRAGON BALL Z – SHIN BUDOKAI 2 is more adventurous than its predecessors. It is pretty derivative but surprisingly enjoyable. You cannot say it is a sequel as you will find new inclusions and innovation in this version. You can play a story titled “Another Road”. The story based on your win and the choices you made and the cities you saved throughout the game. The combat is the main focus of this game. You will feel like you are in life and death situation. This game is more popular among the players for the flexibility and responsiveness. There are three kinds of Boosters and nine Booster slots.


DRAGON BALL Z – SHIN BUDOKAI is a popular and successful game. It is well-executed to make it worth playing. It has a simple and fast-paced action game that comes with eye-catching vibrant designs. It takes the basic 3D fighting game model. The control map of this game uses two face buttons, one for attacking and one for blocking the attacks. With the simple executed move, the players can appear instantly behind the opponents. It gets more interesting when both the players use this feature. You will find some cool gaming features including dragon rush attacks and fast and furious gameplay.


VICE CITY STORIES is debuted on the PlayStation last year. It is the sequel of the Grand Theft Auto III for the PlayStation 2. This game enables the players to enter the world of crimes. It follows the similar story of its predecessors. However, you will notice some improvements. You will not find the flaws evident in the previous game. The new version has an improved length and direction. If you love to roam around a big city, driving like a crazy person, and shooting up the place, then Vice City Stories is worth playing.

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  1. Marit says

    Great news! Wish they would have remastered the PSP version with all its content and unlockables, but its still a great deal . Specially if you havent played both games before.

    1. LeahBennett says

      it’s a good game, it’s my favorite game

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