At Games Errors, we believe that advertisements should complete the overall user experience while browsing our website. That’s why if you are considering advertising on our platform, make sure that your ads blend in with our design of the website.

Why choose us for an advertisement?

Game Errors is the world’s most popular gaming portal regarding issues and problems you might get in a game. We started back in 2014 and in all of these years, we helped tens of thousands of gamers.

Type of promotions

You can promote your content in multiple ways on our portal: banners, videos, display ads or with sponsored articles that will look natural in the blog.

The most successful type of promotion is the sponsored post because that’s the best way to reach the majority of our audience.

If you are interested in more details please send us an email at [email protected].


  1. Send us an email which contains details about what are your advertisement goals and what type of advertisement are you looking for.
  2. For display: HTML5 spec basics: 200k initial load, and 2MB *polite (secondary) load.

    *Polite load is waiting until after the rest of the page loads (or 4 seconds into the page load) to serve the sub-loaded files

    This is in line with the new IAB Display Ad standards set

    1. The JS Script file weight is counted towards that 200k load. So if the client is using post converting flash files to html5, said banners will likely come in over spec.
    2. Viewability and Ad Verification measurement (ie pixels from IAS, MOAT, etc.) are not counted towards the 200k load. However, if the measurement pixel file sizes are extremely large we may request revisions be made.
    3. We cannot locally host JS files. These ads should not have any dependency on Games Errors servers to function properly.
    4. Up to 10mb is accepted for user-initiated load.
  3. Ads must average 65% or less CPU usage with occasional spikes allowed.

  4. We allow implementation of up to three 3rd party pixels on individual creatives within a placement. Note pixels are not allowed for non-ad served products.

  1. We do not accept 3rd party ad tags built-in Flash.

    1. For 3rd party tags with Rich Media, HTML5 is now the standard. Clients will need to change Flash ads to static images if they cannot create HTML5 themselves.
  2. We do not site serve HTML Banners.

    1. Any HTML5 banner running on Games Errors must run through a 3rd party server.
  3. We do not allow auto-sound.

    1. Muted auto-play video is acceptable.
  4. Rich Media Display Banners are not allowed on Mobile Apps

    1. Display banners with Auto Play Video, User Initiated Video, or Heavy Animation are not allowed in our Mobile OS based apps.
  5. We do not accept unsecure ad tags.

    1. Please provide HTTPS tags for all placements.
  6. Trackers that gather a user’s personal data are not allowed.

  7. Expandable Display ads are not allowed on the site.

    1. A button to expand an in-banner video player to full screen is allowed