Battlefield 1 Player Count: Thriving Community in 2023!

Delving Deep into Battlefield 1's Sustained Popularity: A Glimpse into Its Resilient Community and Continued Relevance in the Gaming World


Battlefield 1 player count reveals the game’s lasting charm. Despite being around for several years, it still maintains a dedicated player base. As we delve into the data, let’s discover how many enthusiasts are actively playing this iconic game in 2023.”

How many people are playing Battlefield 1?

As of the latest data from SteamCharts, Battlefield 1 has:

  • 6,772 players playing 2 minutes ago.
  • A 24-hour peak of 9,485 players.
  • An all-time peak of 53,107 players.

Battlefield 1 player count over the past 30 days indicates an average of 4,834.4 players, peaking at 12,870 players. These figures underscore the game’s enduring popularity, maintaining a steady player base even years post-launch.

Is Battlefield 1 worth getting in 2023?

battlefiled 1 player count & gamplay

Based on the consistent player numbers, it’s evident that Battlefield 1 remains a popular choice among gamers. The game has seen fluctuations in its player count over the years, but the numbers have remained relatively stable, especially in recent months. This suggests that the game’s community is active, and new players can still find matches and enjoy the multiplayer experience.

Are there still people on Battlefield 1?

Absolutely! With thousands of players logging in daily and peaks reaching close to 10,000 players in a single day, there’s no doubt that Battlefield 1 still has an active community. Whether you’re a returning player or someone looking to dive into the game for the first time, you’ll find plenty of others to join you on the battlefield.


Battlefield 1 has undeniably stood the test of time, proving its enduring appeal in the gaming community. Even years after its initial release, the game continues to attract thousands of players daily, showcasing its lasting impact and the dedication of its fanbase. Whether you’re a veteran soldier or a new recruit, Battlefield 1 offers an unmatched rich multiplayer experience. As we move forward, it’s clear that this game’s legacy will continue to resonate with gamers worldwide.

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