How Many Video Games Are There in The World: 2023 Stats

We all enjoy new games and there are plenty out there. Today we will make some estimates on numbers! 🔢


If you are wondering how many video games are there in the world, you are in the right place! We did some digging and discovered many interesting statistics that we will present to you.

Let’s set something straight: Nobody can claim with 100% certainty what is the exact number of games. The industry is so big and growing every moment in many different directions. We did our best to wrap it up for you, so here we go!

How many video games were released in 2023?

150 major video game titles were released in 2023. However, the number of all released games in 2023 is several times higher and impossible to know. Most of these are made for PC, followed by Xbox S | X and PS5, according to Statista. Trends show that more and more games are made for PC and consoles while enabling crossplay for players between different platforms.

Here is a visualization showing how the figure mentioned above is divided between platforms:

2023 is a big year in the video games industry. More than 100 highly anticipated titles were released, and we are still expecting many, such as Age of Empires 4, Counter-Strike 2, and others. On the other hand, many indie developers are getting engaged and creating new compelling, exciting stories through their games.

How many video games are in the world? 🌍

Although it is impossible to pinpoint the exact number of games released since the mass gaming industry began in the 70s, today, we stick with the estimated 5 million video games worldwide.

We analyzed the Recommended Tags section from Steam and came up with a visualization of how games distributed there are divided by genres:

Keep in mind that the percentages shown above correspond to the collection of games available on Steam. Most titles have multiple tags, yet this graph shows us an approximate idea of what genres are popular among gamers nowadays.

How many video games are made each year?

There are over 10,000 games made each year, if it’s to judge based on the number of released games on Steam presented by Statista, the most popular game distribution platform.

Realistically, this figure is multiple times higher. However, no database tracks all publishers and game platforms, so it is impossible to say with 100% certainty.

Here is the graph showing the data for the past ten years when it comes to new game releases on Steam:

It’s important to note that game development is resource-consuming and lengthy, especially when discussing AAA titles we all love and play. Moving the boundaries of what is possible and how the game should be and feel takes time, so we can undoubtedly say that even though the game was made this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be released the same year.

👉 A great example is the GTA series, the most popular game from Rockstar Games. The company doesn’t speak about the process, although the leaked materials and interviews point out that the development of the next title has been running for almost a decade!

What is the biggest game in 2023?

The biggest game of 2023 is Diablo 4. The latest title from the Diablo series was expected to break records and set standards for a successful game launch, but nobody was prepared for what came. From the biggest beta in the series to 276 million gameplay hours that were generated within a week, Diablo 4 made a significant shockwave in the gaming industry.

The runner-up is Hogwarts Legacy, the game anticipated in 2021, postponed for 2022, and finally released in early 2023. (Here, we again see how fluid and unpredictable game development is.)

👾 The tradition connects both titles and other successful releases from this year. They are all part of a series or in well-known universes, which gamers worldwide love and enjoy.

How many gamers will there be in 2025?

The most accurate estimates suggest that approximately 2.7 billion gamers worldwide will grow to 2.93 billion by 2025. The gaming industry and its technologies are growing, and more people are genuinely interested in various titles.

Let’s see how these numbers compare on a 5-year timeline:

YearNumber of gamers
20212.63 billions
20222.52 billions
20232.70 billions
20242.84 billions
20252.93 billions

💡 Another interesting observation is that the only drop in the number of gamers happens between 2021 and 2022. The 5% drop seems reasonable, considering a noticeable portion of gamers started playing during lockdowns.

With this in mind, it’s safe to conclude that the gaming industry will continue growing until 2025 and beyond. Events in which most of the population stays home can only boost this growth, with a chance of a decrease.

What will gaming be like in 100 years?

We have already concluded that the gaming industry is snowballing through the years behind us without signs of slowing down. With this in mind, one can’t wonder where it will lead us and what will be considered gaming in 2123.

The fast-paced growth of augmented and virtual reality technologies suggests that the following steps are experiences indistinguishable from real life. Imagine playing games with breath-taking graphics surrounding you like the environment around you. Playing shooters like Call of Duty with your friends or discovering scary corners of Resident Evil won’t be the same!

Finally, the latest developments in artificial intelligence promise a lot regarding gaming. More dynamic stories, intelligent NPCs enhancing single-player experience, and gaming studios producing games quickly and efficiently with the support of this technology.

✨ It is challenging to say what the future will bring confidently. After all, we are talking about gaming, the youngest branch of the entertainment industry.

Final Verdict

Once again, no one knows precisely how many video games are there in the world. We did our best to round up the numbers for you. The result was 5 million video games published since the earliest day of the industry.

We also discussed the current situation with the new game releases and made predictions for the future. The conclusion is that the industry is growing with new AAA titles released daily. The future will bring more gamers to the wonderful world powered by new technologies.

One thing, however, is for sure. GamesErrors will stay on your side and help you resolve your issues, regardless of what is coming!

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