What Difference Does a VPN Make to Mobile Gaming?


Mobile gaming has become more than just a way of killing time while waiting in a line or public transportation. In fact, mobile gaming has turned into a serious industry worth millions of dollars. The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store offer thousands of online games that match the quality of PC multiplayer games.

Thanks to advancement in technology and app development, users can now fully immerse in online gaming on their mobile devices. However, this comes with the risk of cybersecurity threats such as data breaches and unauthorized downloads of malicious files. The best way to maintain online security while gaming is to use a VPN to fully encrypt your personal data and online traffic. Here are five examples of how a virtual private network can make a difference to mobile gaming.

#1 Get Access to Unavailable Games

A VPN (get it here) allows users to virtually change their location to any country or city in the world. By connecting to a server in a specific country, you can easily change the location tied to your IP address and online activities. Doing so will allow you to access games and other content that might not be available in your country. Users often take advantage of virtual private networks to find new mobile games or access beta versions of games that are being tested.

#2 Stop ISP Throttling

Internet service providers often limit users’ bandwidth at certain periods of the billing cycle to make sure the network is not being overused. This act of limiting the users’ internet speed is called throttling. Many ISPs often throttle users’ internet connection during gaming, which can entirely ruin the gaming experience. However, if you set up a VPN prior to starting your online game, the internet service provider won’t be able to recognize the activity that’s taking place. Therefore, they won’t limit the internet speed which gives you an opportunity to enjoy your mobile games to the fullest.

#3 Play Online Games in Different Countries

The holiday season is approaching and everyone is planning their next travel adventures. If you were about to take your mobile games with you, keep in mind that some games are not available in specific countries. Most games won’t be available in countries that have strict internet restriction laws, for example, China and Russia. However, one way to make your favorite online games available in any country in the world is to use a virtual private network to virtually change server location.

#4 Improve Online Security

One of the most important benefits of using a virtual private network on mobile devices is security. Users often connect their mobile devices to unprotected public networks, which can lead to serious consequences and security incidents. It is important to set up a VPN prior to connecting to open public networks. This will hide your private data and online traffic from anyone who might be spying on the network. A VPN will help you stay safe while playing mobile multiplayer games and surfing the internet in general.

#5 Secure All Devices in Your Home/Office

Virtual private networks allow users to protect multiple devices at once, which is recommended both in the office and at home. To do this, users need to connect a VPN to a VPN-enabled router. Even though it might seem intimidating for the less experienced users, setting up a VPN router is easier than you might think. Doing so will allow any users connected to that WiFi network to protect their data and device. It is recommended for businesses to use VPN routers in offices to ensure that every device is keeping confidential data secured. However, using a VPN at home is a good idea to make sure that each family member stays safe online.


Even though security is often emphasized as the most important benefit of using a VPN for mobile gaming, there are plenty of other advantages that come with it. It is important to address the issue of slow internet speed associated with the use of virtual private networks. Users often report internet connection issues while gaming under the encryption of VPN. However, if you invest in a paid and reliable VPN service, you won’t have to worry about the game crashing. Strong VPN connections will not affect the internet speed whatsoever. Make sure to stay away from free virtual private networks that promise strong encryption. These services will slow your internet down and record your data for advertising purposes.

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