How To Fix The Crew Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Game Won’t Start, Sound Issues


Errors and bugs in The Crew game were encountered by a lot of players since the game was released on December first on Steam. Because of this errors, a lot of people were unable to start or play the game. The most common issues that players reported are: Random Crashes or Crashes at Startup, Freezes of the game, and Game Won’t Start.

The Crew is developed by Ubisoft, which recently released Assassin’s Creed Unity that apparently was a disaster (full of bugs and crashes, but you can fix them with our tutorial here), and it has some minor bugs and issues, nothing like ACU. Below you can find the detailed errors that some users reported on the Steam General Discussions Board of the game.

Read below to fix The Crew errors:

#1 The Crew Crashes (random or at startup)

You may get random crashes or crashes at startup, and after the game closes you will receive this error: “The Crew has stopped working.”  To fix the crashes follow the solution below, after the quotes of users complaining.

“I start the game when black screen comes and crash…Plz, help me, guys, how can l solve this problem..”

“When I start the game nothing happens, no error or shutdown the program, the game starts and immediately crashes. What to do?”

Solution: You can apply our tutorial at the end of the patch for a quick and simple fix for the game crashes.

First, make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements of the game. You can find them here. After that, if your PC meets the system requirements make sure that you patched the game to the latest version and if you have already done this follow the steps below, from the Ubisoft forum.

Disabling your background applications:

To do this, go to the Start menu on your desktop (or, if using Windows Vista/Windows 7 press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time)

:- Type in MSCONFIG and press Enter
:- Go to the tab, which says Start-up
:- Click the option to Disable All
:- Press Apply, then Close then pick the option to Restart

Clearing your temporary files:

To do this, go to the Start menu on your desktop (or, if using Windows Vista/Windows 7 press the Windows key and the letter R at the same time)

:- Type in %TEMP% and press enter.
:- Go to Edit and Select All.
:- Go to File and Delete.

Should the issue persist at this stage, verify the games files once more and if you are still having issues I would like you to submit a support ticket.

*Note* To allow us to troubleshoot the issue immediately it is really important that we have all of the information we need. Please include your DxDiag & MSINFO files so we can review your hardware/ software configuration to look for conflicts.

To do this:

– Hold down the Windows key on the keyboard and press “R”.
– Type “dxdiag” and click OK.
– This will open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
– Click the Save All Information button at the bottom.
– Save the file to your Desktop with the name “dxdiag.txt”.


– Hold down the Windows key on the keyboard and press “R”.
– Type MSINFO32
– For Windows 64Bit you will need to type MSINFO
– Click OK.

Once loaded click File > then EXPORT (not save) the file locally to your system, now please upload the files to us from our Support website.

If you are unable to attach a file because it is too big to attach, please compress the file into a .zip folder using a program such as Winzip which is free.

Once we have this information we can start to look into the issue further for you.

The Crew Crash

#2 The Crew Freezes Constantly

You might encounter constantly freezes every few minutes while playing the game. Check the tips below to fix this issue.

“I’m running this game 60 fps smoothly, but sometimes I get random freezes…anyone here with the same problem? How to fix it?”

Tips:  If you want to fix this issue in a more simple way, check our tutorial at the end of the post. Or you can apply the workaround below.

It seems that this issue is related to your drivers. You can fix it by updating your GPU and sound card drivers. Your graphic card driver is simple to update, you just need to go to AMD or Nvidia website and download the automatic package updater from there. To update your sound card you need to go to Device Manager (you can find it in Control Panel), here search for your sound card, copy the name and search for drivers on google.

#3 The Crew Game Won’t Start

When you click Play in the Steam interface, to begin the game, nothing happens. It simply won’t start, some players receive a notification from Steam that the game started but nothing happens after that. For other players the game stuck at the launch screen. You can follow the solution below to start your game.

“I have heard that other people have the same problem, you just click play, then the icon gets green (instead of blue) for 2 seconds and then it just goes back to blue again and does nothing. Does anyone have a fix for this? I want to play this game :/.”

Solution: Apply our patch to the game, you can find it at the end of the post, and after tha your game will start and you will be able to play it.

The Crew is an MMO, this type of games are predisposed to launch issues. There are multiple solutions that you can try to fix this bug and start your game. You can find them below, try everyone until one fixes your issue.

  • Your firewall might be blocking the game from connecting to the servers, try to disable it or to add the game to the exclusions list
  • Make sure that your internet connection is working, the game need to connect to the internet because it’s an MMO
  • Maybe you have some missing files in the game and that’s why it’s not starting. To add this files verify the integrity cache of the game by right-clicking it in the Steam Libray and going to properties, here you will find this option.

#4 The Crew Error Code #0_1 on PS4

If you are playing the game on PlayStation 4 and encountering the #0_1 error, read the solution that the support team posted on the PlayStation forum.

As many players are currently viewing this thread, we would like to remind you that the error code #0_1 experienced on The Crew, means that there’s currently an ongoing maintenance.

According to the Publisher, this maintenance should be completed at 10h30 UK Time.

The Crew Issues

#5 Skype stops working when playing 

For some players, the Skype stops working when they play The Crew. There is a quick fix for this issue: you need to disable the in-game chat so that there is no conflict between the chat and Skype.

#6 The Crew Sound Issues

If your sound volume in the car is too low or if you are experiencing any sound issue you need to delete the game folder from My Documents and start the game again. After that, the game will create new configuration files and your sounds issues should be fixed.

#7 TXAA/MSAA Issues

If you have a Nvidia GPU and encountering issues with the TXAA and MSAA when you turn them on, install the latest driver fix 344.80 for AA on GTX 970/980.

How To Fix The Major Issues in The Crew:

Our team of developers managed to release a patch that helps you fix the errors described above. You can see how our patch looks like below, where you can also find a tutorial on how to use it and a download link. Please follow the tutorial step by step before asking any questions regarding your issues. Our patch won’t interfere with your Steam account, it will just change some files and .dll in the game folder in order for the errors to be fixed.

Follow the tutorial below to apply the patch correctly to your game.

How to apply our patch:

  1. Download the archive of the patch from here: download
  2.  Extract the downloaded archive on your PC, and open the patch from the folder.
  3. Your GPU will be selected automatically, make sure that you use your dedicated GPU if you have a laptop!
  4. Select the game executable from the game folder, if you used the default install folder it should be: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\The Crew”
  5.  Select your issue or issues from the box to the right and click the corresponding “Fix” button.
  6. After your errors are successfully fixed you can click the “Launch Game” button and play the game.

How to download: Well, you might think that our download service is pretty annoying but is very effective. To download you just need to complete a simple offer, it usually takes a few minutes, and after that, you will be able to download the patch. We use this service because is the only way to support our developers and to keep releasing and updating patches for games. Thank you! We hope that you understand us and have fun playing The Crew!

We hope that our guide helped you fix your errors. If you encounter any other issues or if you don’t know how to apply a solution to your game you can comment below or sent us an email on our contact page and we will help you fix your game.

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