CS:GO Cases Guide: What to Expect

Understanding CS:GO Cases and Their Contents


Cases are a popular way for players to obtain new skins, stickers, and weapons in CS:GO. There are various types of cases available, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore different types of CS:GO cases and the ways to obtain them. Later, we will also discuss what players can expect when opening a CS:GO case.

How to Obtain CS:GO Cases

When it comes to obtaining CS:GO cases, there are several methods available to players. Knowing the differences between those methods can help players make informed decisions.

Purchasing from the in-game store

One way to obtain CS:GO cases is by purchasing them directly from Steam Wallet. Once you have purchased a case, you will need to use a key for CS:GO case opening and reveal the contents inside. This is the quickest and easiest way to obtain cases, with no need to rely on other players or luck. Besides, you can choose which specific case you want to buy. However, it can be more expensive than other methods, and some players might not want to spend real money on cases.

Trading with other players

CS:GO cases can also be obtained through trading with other players. If you have duplicate cases that you don’t want, you can trade them with other players for cases you do want or other in-game items. You can find trading partners on various websites and forums dedicated to CS:GO trading. On the one hand, trading can be a cost-effective way to obtain cases if you have duplicate items to trade. On the other hand, finding a trading partner is a little bit time-consuming, and there is always the risk of getting scammed.

Playing the game

Finally, you can get CS:GO cases simply by playing the game. Cases can drop randomly at the end of a match, although the drop rate is relatively low. You can increase your chances of obtaining cases by playing on official Valve servers and by leveling up your account. This method has its own advantages too. For example, it is completely free and a fun way to improve your skills and enjoy the game. From a different perspective, drop rates for cases are relatively low, so it may take a long time
to obtain a specific case by playing alone.

Types of CS:GO Cases

Standard Cases

Standard cases are the most common type of case in CS:GO. They contain a variety of items with different rarity levels and drop rates. The contents of a Standard case are randomly generated when it is opened, with the rarest items having the lowest chance of dropping. Some of the most valuable skins in CS:GO come from Standard cases, making them a popular choice for players looking to obtain valuable items. Finally, as expected, standard cases are relatively easy to obtain.

Weapon Cases

Weapon cases contain skins for a specific weapon. These cases allow players to target specific weapons or sets of weapons. They can also be a good investment, as some skins can become quite valuable over time. Please note that weapon cases can be more expensive than standard cases.

Souvenir Cases

Souvenir cases are only available during major CS:GO esports events. These cases contain skins that are themed around the event and can only be obtained by watching the event live or by purchasing them from the in-game store during the event. Souvenir cases are more likely to contain rare and valuable skins than standard cases or weapon cases. However, these cases can be difficult to obtain since they are only available during specific events. 

eSports Cases

As the name indicates, eSports cases contain skins themed around specific CS:GO esports events or teams. eSports cases allow players to support their favorite esports events or teams while also potentially obtaining rare skins. Like Souvenir cases, eSports cases can also be a good investment, as some skins can become quite valuable over time.

Community Cases

Community cases are called this because members of the CS create them:GO community. Such cases have a higher chance of containing skins created by community members and rare and valuable skins. They can also be a good way to discover new community-made skins both to have in your inventory and trade in the future.

What to Expect When Opening a CS:GO Case

First, the case will open to reveal the contents inside. The rarity and value of the item inside the case will depend on the type of case. Some cases have a higher chance of containing rare and valuable items, while others may contain more common items. Once the item is revealed, players can choose to either keep it or sell it on the Steam marketplace. If the item is valuable, it can be sold for Steam credit or real-world money, which can then be used to purchase other items or games on the Steam platform. It’s important to note that opening a CS:GO case is a game of chance, and there is no guarantee that players will receive a valuable or rare item.

To Wrap Up!

CS:GO cases offer the opportunity to obtain new and unique items for your inventory. However, opening cases is a game of chance, and there is no guarantee that players will receive the items they want. By exploring the different types of cases available and understanding their advantages and disadvantages, players will be more experienced when opening them and will know how to best manage their inventory.

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