Diablo 4 Unable to Claim Quest Rewards: How to Fix

If you cannot claim quest rewards in Diablo 4, we know how to fix this issue. 💰


There are few gaming series as big and influential as Diablo, to the extent that the entire genre has been named after him for over 20 years. Diablo may not be the first action RPG game, and it may not have been the first isometric RPG, but all similar games after it are still called Diablo-like games today. Only a few headlines have that kind of influence today (and it’s not always flattering). Although it is a simple, primarily action game, Diablo has an extremely rich history- an extensive history of the world, events, and characters. It has come to our attention that certain players have an issue where they are unable to claim quest rewards in Diablo 4. If you are among those affected, refer to our guide to resolve this issue.

Why I’m unable to claim quest rewards in Diablo 4?

Diablo IV players’ inability to claim quest rewards is a prevalent issue. This often happens because players do not have enough space in their inventory, leading to a reward bug. In Diablo 4, players receive rewards in a reward bag, which counts as an item and takes up space in their inventory.

How to fix Diablo 4 unable to claim quest rewards?

Before delving into our suggestions, we suggest commencing with these fundamental actions:

  • Check the Diablo 4 server status. If servers have some issues, you must wait until the servers come back online and are fully operational.
  • Close the game and restart your PC. Relaunch the game once your PC has restarted, and try claiming the rewards.
  • Verify the game files.

If you are experiencing difficulties in claiming quest rewards in Diablo 4, we have some tips to resolve this issue:

  1. Ensure sufficient inventory space
  2. Check the quest completion requirements
  3. Update Diablo 4
  4. Try changing the World Tier
  5. Contact Diablo 4 support

1. Ensure sufficient inventory space

When you receive rewards in Diablo 4, they come as reward bags that take up inventory space. To avoid issues, manage your inventory effectively and have enough space to accommodate the reward bag. This will ensure that you can claim your rewards hassle-free. Utilizing your Stash is recommended to make more room in your Diablo 4 inventory. The Stash provides ample space; you can expand it by purchasing additional slots with coins. Additionally, your Stash is accessible to all your characters, allowing item transfers.

Diablo 4 Unable to Claim Quest Rewards - Stash

2. Check the quest completion requirements

Before claiming rewards in Diablo 4, meeting the specific prerequisites for each quest is important. This requires completing all necessary objectives and fulfilling conditions such as defeating bosses, collecting items, or reaching certain locations in the game world. Make sure to check all requirements beforehand to ensure a successful outcome.

Diablo 4 Unable to Claim Quest Rewards - Check Quest

3. Update Diablo 4

Time needed: 5 minutes

If you’re experiencing bugs, glitches, or stability issues in Diablo 4, an outdated game version may be the root cause. We advise you to manually check for updates in Diablo 4 by following the steps below.

  1. Launch the Battle.net client

    Go to your games library. Locate and select Diablo 4.Diablo 4 Games Library

  2. Select Game Options

    Click on the cog icon next to the Play button. Select Check for Updates from the menu.Diablo 4 Update Game

  3. Download update

    If any updates are available, wait for the Battle.net launcher to download and install.

4. Try changing the World Tier

In Diablo 4, you can adjust the World Tiers, determining the game’s difficulty level. It’s one of the significant factors in Diablo 4 to be on the same World Tier on which you have completed the quest. To switch your World Tier, follow these steps:

1. While in the game, locate the World Tier statue across the map of Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Unable to Claim Quest Rewards - Word Tier Statue Map

2. To access the World Tier selection menu, simply interact with the World Tier Statue.

Diablo 4 Word Tier Statue

3. Select the World Tier that corresponds with the quest you have finished.

Diablo 4 World Tiers

5. Contact Diablo 4 support

If you have tried all the suggested solutions and cannot claim quest rewards in Diablo 4, we recommend contacting Diablo 4 Support for additional help. You can submit a support ticket to expedite the resolution process. Blizzard’s support team is committed to assisting players and will likely offer the guidance you need to address the issue.


We hope the above solutions have helped if you are unable to claim Quest Rewards in Diablo 4. Don’t hesitate to leave any questions, comments, or other solutions to the problem in the comment section below.

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