Fix: Anno 2205 Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Performance Issues


Anno 2205 got some pretty bad reviews due to the errors and issues of the game and also due to the gameplay quality. The most common Anno 2205 errors that players reported on Steam’s Dashboard are crashes, not launching, and performance Issues like freezing or lag. Below you can see these errors in detail and also solutions or workarounds on how to fix them.

How to Fix Anno 2205 Issues:

1. Anno 2205 Crashing

Many players reported crashes with the game when they try to play it or at launch.

“Game crashes after launch from Uplay. All I see is the black screen with a white frame. I’m using latest drivers from Nvidia, but I can’t start playing”

☑️ Verify game files: There could be corrupted or missing game files if you experience frequent crashes. Check the game files from the Steam library to make sure all of the files are there and are the right ones. Verify Integrity of Game Files from the game Properties in the Steam library.

☑️ Update drivers: Ensure that your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. Visit the manufacturer’s website to download and install the latest version of your graphics card driver. An easier way to update it is to use a safe tool like Driverifx. It will also save you time!

☑️ Disable antivirus: Game crashes can occasionally be caused by antivirus software interfering with game files. Disable your antivirus program for a while, then launch the game to see if the issue has been fixed.

2. Anno 2205 Won’t Start

For some users, the game simply won’t launch. They click the Play button, and nothing happens, or a window opens and then closes.

☑️ Run as administrator: Click the game icon with the right mouse button and choose “Run as administrator.” This will grant the game the access it needs to run correctly.

☑️ Verify game files: Verify the game files in the Steam library to make sure all of the files are there and are the right ones.

☑️ Update DirectX: The game might not start if DirectX is out of date. To fix this problem, update DirectX to the most recent version. You can use the official Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer page and download the most recent version of DirectX there to keep your computer’s version of the software up to date. Alternatively, you can set up your PC to automatically update DirectX and other required upgrades using the “Windows Update” tool.

3. Anno 2205 Performance Issues

The performance issues that were reported are lag, freezes, and stuttering.

☑️ Lower graphics settings: Anno 2205 is a demanding game and can strain even high-end PCs. Lowering the graphics settings (in-game options menu) can help improve performance.

☑️ Close other programs: Any background apps that are unnecessary while playing the game should be closed. This makes resources available for the game to use.

☑️ Update drivers: Make sure the drivers for your graphics card are up to date. To download and install the most recent version of your graphics card driver, go to the manufacturer’s website.

☑️ Adjust power settings: Check your computer’s power settings to ensure that it is set to “High Performance.” This will ensure that your computer is using its maximum resources while playing the game.

For any questions or issues, please use the comment form below, and we will help you fix your game.

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  1. Brock says

    Thank you for this tutorial guys, my game works great now!

  2. Riley says

    I can finally play Anno 2205, thank you for this guide!

  3. cody says

    I purchased a disc copy from walmart for $60. 11gb install, 2 discs. Once I get to 10gb installed, it crashes. I can’t even install the $60 I just wasted. THIS is bs.

  4. Jake says

    Yeah Cody, you better pirate it, like me. Also the pirated one doesn’t have ANY of the problems, because “protection” (lol) is deleted. Why the hell would you waste 60 bugs?! Another way might be, get the pirated version, don’t use the crack, but your original stuff from the 60$ version. I pirate anything which has UPlay, Origin or Denuvo (3DM & CPY releases), because DRM sucks and I will never pay a pile of shit for it. You should too, otherwise they 3will add DRM again and legit users might get the same problems again.

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