The Crew 2 Keeps Crashing: Fix It & Stop Crashes for Good

The Crew 2 crashing errors are a nuisance for anyone, our first solution worked for most users 🎯


A lot of players encountered game bugs and crashes on Crew 2 since the game was released. Because of these errors, they were unable to enjoy the game due to various crashes.

Other most common issues that players experience while playing the game are The Crew 2 keeps crashing at startup on PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox One consoles.

Before trying the solutions to fix those, make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements in the official source.

Why does The Crew 2 keep crashing?

It’s possible to encounter crashes while playing The Crew 2 if you’re running old GPU drivers or your game files are corrupted.

In addition, you can temporarily disable the antivirus protection as it may interfere with the game and produce crashes.

How do I stop The Crew 2 from crashing?

  1. Update the graphics driver 
  2. Run the game with admin rights
  3. Close background applications
  4. Repair corrupted game files
  5. Turn off the antivirus protection
  6. Reinstall the game

1. Update the graphics driver

  1. Type Device Manager and open the service.
    update drivers manually
  2. Go to Display adapters and right-click on the device driver.
  3. Select Update driver and continue with Search automatically for the driver.
    Update GPU driver
  4. After the process is complete, restart your PC.
As an alternative, you can avoid the manual steps of installing new drivers and automatically manage them using PC HelpSoft. This tool will scan your PC and detect obsolete drivers and update them in just a few clicks.

2. Run the game with admin rights

  1. Search the game folder on the Windows search box.
  2. Right-click on the game icon and select Properties.
  3. Go to the Compatibility tab and select Run this program as an administrator box.
    run game as an administrator
  4. Click on OK and close the window.
  5. Relaunch the game.

3. Close background applications

  1. Click on Shift + Ctrl + Esc and open Task Manager.
  2. Press on the Processes tab.
  3. Right-click on a program and select End task.
    click on Processes end task
  4. Repeat the action for all the background apps.

4. Repair corrupted game files

  1. Start Steam and select Library, and right-click on the game
  2. Click Proprieties then click on the Local Files tab.
  3. Click on Verify integrity of game files.
    Verify Integrity of Game File
  4. Repair the potentially corrupted game files.

5. Turn off the antivirus protection

  1. Type in Windows Security in the search box.
  2. Press on Virus & threat protection.
  3. Under Virus & threat protection settings, click on Manage settings. 
  4. Tick the Real-time protection to stop the antivirus effects.
    check the Turn off the Real-time protection
  5. Launch the game now

6. Reinstall the game

In case you weren’t able to fix the game bugs on Crew 2 with our methods above, the last chance you can take is to reinstall the game on the PC.

To do that, you can either uninstall it from Control Panel > Programs and Features or from your game launcher. As an example, in the Steam launcher down below.

click on Uninstall button Steam

❄ The Crew Freezes Constantly

In addition, you can as well experience freeze errors while the game is running on your PC which can lead to unwanted crashes and make the game unplayable.

“I’m running this game 60 fps smoothly, but sometimes I get random freezes…anyone here with the same problem? How to fix it?”

Workaround:  If you want to fix this issue in a more simple way, updating the GPU drivers to the latest version should be of great help. Otherwise, you can apply any of the methods described below to take care of screen freezes as well.

All being said, following the simple methods in this guide should be your gateway to solving the crashes on Crew 2 and finally enjoying the races without any issues.

We hope that our guide helped you fix your errors. If you encounter any other issues or don’t know how to apply a solution to your game you can comment below and we will help you fix your game.

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  1. Kelvin Henrique says

    I would like your help because my game is not working.
    Whenever I play the following error appears “the crew game has stopped working”

    1. Denis says

      Are you encountering this crashes randomly while you are playing or at startup?

    2. Charles123 says

      I have the same problem! if you already fix yours please tell me what to do

  2. mike says

    Im having the same issue but does this tutorial go for the 360?

    1. Drunkmonkie says

      What exactly happens wh r n u run the game

  3. Raymond says

    In my The Crew It freezes once I lose the cops and tells me to update the map, after that the loading screen appears and freezes….I am using the X box 360, please help

    1. Tyree says

      Raymond is your game still freezing because my game having the same problem

    2. jake says

      Hei ray i’m having the same problem on my xbox 360. Anyone else has this problem on this console?

      1. Ricardo says

        Same here

      2. Judah says

        When I’m on the loading screen just to start the game everything freezes even the hotbar. This is my xbox 360 that does it please help me

  4. Kasper says

    I am using Uplay to play The Crew. Does it matter or should I have the game on Steam?

    1. Gabe says

      Mine u see the truck then I can hear stuff from the load screen but I can’t move or see my Guss is that ur game is crap I loved ur game when I worked

      1. Judah says

        Same thing I had on my 360

  5. Rofl waffle says

    I am on Xbox one and when my Xbox loads the game it indtantly freezes. I have deleted the game, and even tried deleting my save data. It’s like everything is corrupt.

  6. christian says

    thank you guys, it fixed my game!

  7. Atzen says

    Fixed my game thank you, now it won’t crash anymore.

    1. Matt24 says

      How did you fix it? I have an xbox 360 please help

  8. The-Ghillie says

    I just recently bought The Crew, but It’s not really playable with fun. Because it crashes between 2-60minutes after a fresh start of the Game. The only thing which it’s telling me is: “NVIDIA Windows Kernel Mode Driver, Version 344.75” doesnt react anymore..
    It really keeps me from playing this game, because It’s only happening in The Crew
    Greetings Ghillie


    i’m having trouble completing that NEW YORK head quaters mission….i.e we need to reach certain area before time given,but how many times i try it fails….time given is not suffitient….actually my car is not upgraded with perks and there is no option for ABORTING the mission….please help me in this.

    1. joseph says

      need to upgrade car i beat it and got gold lol my car was at level 500 because i was doing the fraction missions

  10. Fintom64 says

    I played the first mission and when I load up the next one it crashes please help

    1. Pushkar says

      I have faced a similar problem on my xbox 360. did you resolve this issue?

  11. l-PlUtO- says

    How do I fix these problems on ps4?

  12. l-PlUtO- says

    The game crashes on launch

  13. jake says

    I have it for ps4. It wont let me get past the “press any button to play” menu… Help anyone?

    1. Timi says

      I have the same issue with my Xbox 360. It says press any button then it always asks me to create a profile or download one even though I’m already signed in and it won’t let me proceed any further. Any help?

  14. Oppellium says

    Hey uhm, I tried to change the settings on The Crew and it completly Minimized the game and i cant see it anywhere. Ive uninstalled it 5 times…

  15. Keeper says

    I have the crew for 360 and it crashes a few seconds after it tries to boot up. It does it when the black screen and little loading circle. I don’t know what to do plz help.

    1. Nathan Turnbull says

      i have EXACTELY the same problem

  16. brad says

    I’m in xbox 360 and it loads, plays the music from the car for a second shows my car then starts loading again and then freezes a second after it starts loading again please help

  17. luke says

    Hi guys iv got a copy of the crew on ps4 it just stays on the crew loading screen then keep’s going back to press any button to play it’s really driving me mad any help ?

  18. jack says

    Hi guys, ive an xbox 360 and it loads, plays the music from the car for a second shows my car then starts loading again and then freezes a second after it starts loading again towards the start, please help

    1. Chris says

      Same thing happened to me. If you do not have enough storage in the hard drive, it wont work. U need a minimum of 8MB. If the back of your 360 u don’t have ” XBOX 360 S Hard Disk Internal DISC For Microsoft XBOX360 120gb HDD Slim Hard Drive”, then u should get one. It will work with it, not to mention, you would have plenty of storage for whatever you need. This one is 120MB. But you can get others. A flash drive will not work no matter the size. It just doesn’t have the power to run this game. Hope that helps.

      1. jack says

        But i went out and bought a bigger hard drive with 30GB of storage and it still does it?

        1. Chris says

          Sorry to hear that. My best answer to that is to contact Uplay and explain your situation. Good Luck

          1. jack says

            Alright, thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

  19. Brett says

    Jack Mine is doing the same thing.

  20. derek says

    I was playing the game fine on pc till about a week or two ago and then all of a sudden i got this failure to start error on steam… i have tried everything any ideas? my steam name is samakoto

  21. Jordan Laidler says

    My game says ‘press any button to start’ loads for about 5 minutes then just goes straight back to ‘press any button to start’ how do I fix this???

  22. Neal says

    when I open the crew.exe to start the game, nothing is happening, does this game runs on internet connection?
    please help

    1. prathmesh says

      I have same issue

  23. wasp says

    hi, I play The Crew via Uplay on PC, when I first got the game I had no issues after Uplay updated the game it became unstable, now I can only play for about 2hour MAX then it freezes, more often it freezes in a loading screen or when loading the map, I’d assume its a bug but it makes it hard to enjoy playing the game, I checked my PC over and I have no faults and all my drivers are uptodate.

  24. Kaleb says

    Hey can someone please help me every time I try to start up the game it just freezes and that’s every single time and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and still didn’t work I’ve even gone back to the shop and told them and it’s not worked could I please have some help

  25. Tim says

    I keep getting error code saying my save file is corrupted…

  26. tomy says

    I have a problem with my game the crew and when i press to play it keeps telling me that the crew servises have been unavable or something like that but the most important part is that it tells me that i shoud go to the website and write the code #3_5eaa9404_3. I did everything it said but nothing happent. Can you help me ?
    I can’t even go to the main menu

    1. Rakesh kumar says

      I have same problem if u solve it plz tell me

  27. tomy says

    i forgot to write i have the game for ps4

  28. Melvin thomas says

    I had the crew (RUSSIAN) Version with me on the pc. i installed the game re-installed c++ and directx but when i click on the game, the game does not even start. the game wont even run.

  29. waleed says

    its regarding installation of the game on my xob360 .. i’m done installing disc 1 , but when i insert disc 2 it says data courrpted or missing ? … help plzz

  30. Robert says

    I will go and buy a hard drive memory for my 360, i use 16gb flash, but as mention above, this will not work, this was my guess too, i have the newest 360. Witch has only 4 gb internal, guess xtended hd needs to be xternal

  31. gave says

    please some one help me ..i bought this game for my kids and i also bought xbox live and they didn’t play like 2 minutes and the game froze i erase the game and re install it but it keeps freezing in the same spot everytime…

    1. Joris says

      I have the same problem on my xbox 360

  32. joshua tilley says

    Hey i have the crew on ps4 and i can get into the game and once i hit play it’ll be on the map loading but won’t do anything. The game loads on a different profile but not the one with my cars how do i fix this

  33. Josh says

    I’ve beaten the prologue and now I can’t exit the work shop because it says it’s only 87% installed but it’s been 87% for a day now. Please help??!!

  34. Charles stroud says

    I have just bought the game the crew it was working fine until I went to st. Louis. after I beat the second mission which is a race I get an error code #3_224f4ec9_5 and I cannot continue. would y’all be able to tell me what this might be.

  35. Colton says

    Hey guys my game keeps on crashing, starting to get angry that I can’t play it past the part where you are with Dayton and he gets shot under the bridge. Any suggestions?

  36. ash says

    can any one help me my game the crew keeps crashing how can i stop that from happening

  37. Kim says

    I bought the crew for my son and all it does is say the server is down and I have e-mailed ubisoft to see what I can do and everything they tell me to do it will not work . I have been dealing with this problem for 4 days .

  38. Sam says

    Had the crew worked fine until the first raid for Troy finally got past that after having to restart over a dozen times due to server issues I’d beat a mission and get a code the crews content is unavailable or your internet connection failed called internet people checked my router all was good on both ends can play destiny fine but the crew I couldn’t my advice junk it

  39. james says

    I have ps4 and updated today now game won’t start

  40. mahmoud says

    i have a new laptop and it’s hp pavilion i setuped PES 2015 and once i click the .exe file to start the game make a black screen like it will start then it close itself again this operation dose not take 4 seconds, could anyone give me his advice.

  41. nik says

    i got an xbox one and it won’t launch can somebody tell me whats going on. It says error code #0_1

  42. Rakesh kumar says

    When I start game error is ubisoft connection lost and #_05

  43. pret says

    I have a ps4 and when ever i go onthr the crew and go onto my saved data it does not seem to be doing anything

  44. Miguel says

    When i play the game and have the view inside the car and try to look back it screem glitches it starts to look back and forth. Then, after about 40 minutes the application closes giving an error. It also freezes and its my first time playing it please help.

  45. TaQuan Gray says

    I need help. I unplugged my brother’s ps4 now when it starts the storage thing it won’t go pass 2%.

  46. Luis says

    I hate this game, has so many bugs, now i cant play it anymore. NEVER BUY THE CREW FOR ANY PLATFORM AS YOU CAN SEE ABOVE IT SUCKS!!!!

  47. Jonas says

    Im on xbox 360 what do i need to do?

  48. Pushkar says

    I just purchased it today and I was able to play first mission successfully on my xbox 360, but the second mission is taking a lot of time to load. It is not starting for over 15 to 20 minutes. All my controls stop working and I am not able to return back to my xbox home screen. I had to switch off my xbox and start it again. This has happened for 3 times by now. I own xbox 360 4GB and use 16GB flash drive to save the game. Please help!!!

  49. Faraz says

    I cannot extract files from disk 1/2 when ever i insert disk 1 nothing happens i just remain on dashboard and when i insert disk 2 the game start but files are not extract

  50. Faraz says

    I purchase the game today when i insert disk 1/2 nothing happend when i insert 2/2 the game started but files were not extract i cannot extract files from disk 1/2 on xbox 360

  51. Gavin says

    I did the first misson and it stop when I get to the 510 network it stops right there

  52. katie says

    I just bought the crew for xbox 360. Whenever i put the first disc in to install it it only loads half way and says the game needs 7,720 MB to download. My hard drive has 275 GB, so the storage isn’t the problem. i called Microsoft and apparently this has happened before to other people, but they never told me how to fix it. Does anyone know what to do?

  53. Kamreon says

    Ok so i pressed play and i saw the offroad truck it went to the loading icon and it frozed up what do i do

  54. purplepath92 says

    I bought the crew for the Xbox 360 it goes through to where it says click any button to start so I do and in exactly 10 seconds it says “the crew is unavailable or connection lost” do you have an answer?

  55. purplepath92 says

    me to its bugs me like hell

  56. Talha says

    Mine xbox 360 4gb console after i install it says file missing …….what can i do…..

    1. Ciaran says

      The Crew is a lot more than 4gb Try get a 500gb HDD for your console then try download on there

  57. farook says

    i cant open the game. it is running in the background but not displaying. can anyone help me ?

  58. Daisy says

    Hi, whenever I go onto the game disc, a message pops up and says that the data is corrupt or missing, so I reinstall it again, and get the same result. I brought the game second hand. Can anyone help?

  59. sharon says

    heyy! help; me I idid download “the crew gold edition the game (pc. version ) starts but shows code#_1 error .. why?

  60. Mehul says

    failed to initialize font check the engine/game folder if default font is missing.
    Failed to intialize the GameStartup Interface!

    this two errors occuring to me when starting game.
    plz help me out.

  61. talib says

    i am not able to play song and videos plsy without audio ….
    there comes a text on screen connect to xbox.
    can any body help me

  62. Adamj says

    the crew game turns completely white the screen it just turns white plz tell me how to fix this!!!!

  63. Duke says

    I would like some help because when I hit play it loads and then when its about to let me play it wont me do anything. It will freeze for ever.

  64. Mike says

    Admin of this site responded twice.. Great job

  65. Brenden says

    I just got the crew game and I lose the cops get to the tower and the loading scream come up and nothing happens I can hear stuff but nothing happens..

  66. kp says

    I need major help I am playing the crew on Xbox 360 and I only got to the first mission after that I get to the loading screen then the truck will appear then back to the loading screen then it just freezes on me it’s really making me mad any help??????

  67. Calvin says

    My game freezes after the satellite bit at the loading stage how do i fix this

  68. Martin Nortje says

    Playing game for a couple of days. Now I have a complete white screen seems car is running but screen display white one xbox one

  69. kym says

    we have x box 360 and the crew game keeps freezing
    cant load it to play
    have changed the game 2 and still same problem
    how do we fix this
    i have x box live and bought an external hard drive for it



  71. Gee Dubbz says

    hi chapps i got the crew for xbox 360
    so i signed in and loaded up the game with disk 1, cool, then it asks for disk 2, it starts to do its thing then “press any button to start” i do , then it shows a sign in screen suggesting i should sign in / create profile or download profile???? but im already signed in, but just for the sake of wanting to play the game with son on the the other side of london i did and and signed in and guess what ??? it asked me to sign in , again and will not go any therther. I t dosnt recognise that im already SIGNED IN… crazy!!! Can any of you guys help

  72. TUNA says

    I keep trying to customize my performance parts and every time i go past 3 parts the game freezes and shuts off.
    I have been working on it a while i have all bronze, silver, and gold parts but until i can get the game to stop freezing i cant get all the diamond parts

  73. Rick Weisse says

    done all the offers and no download, good job

  74. Francis Skinner III says

    I play on the xbox one and the game will start but when i get into the game i cant pass the loading screen where it tries to load my saved data. How do i fix this?

  75. josh wilkinson says

    worse game they ever made am having the same problem when i go to play the game it gose to the map but then it says error is there anything i can do to get back to racing it was fine the day before but now its not doing anythink is there an email for ubisoft to get in touch with them so i can send them the profe that the game is fauly

  76. Zachary says

    My The crew loads up till the map and then freezes and crashes. I cleaned the disc and everything. What do I do?

  77. justmatey says

    please help nothing here works my game crashes after like 15 minutes of playing. I have a good laptop i5 11th gen a 3050 24 gb ram all drivers updated, game files checked 3 times, reinstalled the game 3 times, windows updated.

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