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  • Hakeem Hakim

    This is a bunch of BS The Easy Anti Cheat is still preventing the launch of the game!

  • Kina Mathis

    Smooth launch on consoles my ass my bro still can’t play and nobody is giving us any solutions it’s bullshit!

    • Joey Bajjani

      If you are on a console try creating a second profile on the console that should let you in until the account is fixed this is not a server issue its an account issue

  • The Golden Boot Chronicles

    Anyone got the problem when you try to join a friend from another reigon and it sends you to the Store?

  • Edward Inchausti

    It won’t work on my Xbox 1

  • Jamisha Hattley

    It’s not letting me play on ps4

    • Felicia Lema

      Me either. Keep getting data base login failure

  • Jamisha Hattley

    I have checked the connections and the game. The server cannot be that busy. I need a refund!!

  • marty

    Two days and still can’t get in. You know what went through with no problem? The payment that was taken. Maybe you should tell people before they pay that there are problems with the servers. Every article I read said we want the game to go smoothly that is why we post posted the launch date. Guess what you should have waited until you were ready.

    • Richard Martinez

      Same . Does this article work.? Dont wanna waste my time

      • marty

        I’m not optimistic.

      • Felicia Lema

        Don’t waste your money.

    • Felicia Lema

      amen. I keep getting the “database login failure” on my PS4. I bought the game yesterday and haven’t been able to play it at all. It’s pissing me off.

  • Rene Anthony Nuñez

    when i enter the quick play in the menu after waiting i get a message that says failed hostgame session verify your internet connection now i cant play it can you help me ?

    • Boopi

      I’m getting the same thing, I thought they fixed it by now 🙁
      Playing late at night seems to solve this problem since everyone else is asleep.

    • mehtab khan



  • Danny De La Roche
  • Santy Baquero

    How I fix the “Database Login failure” error?

  • Santy Baquero

    Seriusly? GG FAKE

  • Fullmoonhunter Chap

    Everytime i try to play the game, it pops up missing steamAPI, but i can play all the other steam games.

    • Misael

      i have same problem :/

    • Haa- Alsalman

      i fixed it by myself , i just put the whole folder for the game in steamapps then games,
      try it. it shouldnt show api again

  • Haa- Alsalman

    how do i fix this (cant load steamAPi)

  • Cp.Nightmare

    Hello guyz maybe someone know how to fix this (cant load steamAPi)

    • Adox

      just make one folder on Desktop and cut all files in that and enjoy

      • Nabil Rififi

        Bullshit it doesn’t work

  • Kamil Bulut
    Please update the game have been updated now please receive such an error!?!? !!?!?!? !!?!?! ??!