How to Fix Saints Row Gat out of Hell Errors, Random Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Lag, Error Code 41


Saints Row Gat out of Hell Errors

Saints Row Gat out of Hell Errors were reported by some players after the game release this week. The game was released in North America on January 20 and in Europe today, on January 23. The most common errors that players encounter are Random Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Error Code 41, Lag, Freezes and Login Issues. Below you can see these errors detailed and solutions on how to fix them.

How to fix Saints Row Gat out of Hell Errors:

Saints Row Gat out of Hell Random Crashes, some players reported crashes when they tried to start the game or shortly after startup.

“I preordered this game, and when I try to set up a new game it crashes on the loading screen someone help!”

“I start up the game and get the volition and high voltage screens and after, nothing, just blackness. Then the game stops responding. I’m running a pretty high end rig, running mostly everything at max. I’ve verified the cache. Tried restarting my comp. My drivers are up to date. I really don’t know what it could be and don’t really want to have to reinstall it.”

“When i start the game i get a screen flickering with black and then the game crashes with no errors.Anyone has a fix for this?”

Solution: If you aren’t loading the old character to the new game then go to the game installation directory, locate Display.ini and set the LetterboxEyefinity to False. If you are using PrecisionX, Riva Tuner or Afterburner, close them before launching the game.

Saints Row Gat out of Hell Game Won’t Start, when you click Play nothing happens and the game won’t launch or the windows with “Preparing to launch Saints Row” closes.

“When I try to start the game I get the little windows with ‘Preparing to launch Saints Row: Gat out of Hell’ and then the window closes and nothing happens after that, I tried to start it up again, and the same thing happens.Someone help me!”

Solution: Open the game in windowed mode, if that doesn’t work, stop using the DLC of Saint Row IV in the game.

Saints Row Gat out of Hell Lag and Freezes, your game might be laggy, or it might freeze from time to time.

“Okay, first off, I have a laptop with an Intel i7, GTX 860, and 8GB of ram, so I know that isn’t the problem. I played the game fine for over an hour and then closed it out. Now, every time I try to play I get intense lag and it is constant. I have tried restarting my computer and that doesn’t do anything. SR4 would randomly do the same thing on my desktop PC, so I know its an issue on the games end. How can I fix this? The game is unplayable in this state.”

Solution: Make sure that you updated your graphic card drivers to the latest one and that you are not having any background apps running.

Saints Row Gat out of Hell Error Code 41, some players can’t start the game because of the error code 41.

“I can’t start this game because error code 41. My screen is freeze and game out. What happen ? I play on notebook Acer. I can play every game for my notebook. Please help me !!”

Solution: This is due to busy servers as the game has only just released. What this needs is patient while you continue enjoying the offline gaming experience.

Enjoy the game and if you have more Saints Row Gat out of Hell Errors contact us with a comment below or by using our comment page, and we will help you fix your game. – Team

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  1. Erikk says

    These fixes are fine for pc users, but Gat out of hell does similar on the ps4, I go to start the game and sit through a neverending loading screen of diagonally floating fleur-de-lis

  2. Yash says

    In starting the game the display is not working

  3. Dehje says

    like erikk up there said, Gat out of hell isn’t just for PC, i play it on the xbox 360, well want to, but i get to a load screen of two different places and just that, no matter how long i wait

    1. lucky says

      Still won’t start on the 360 go to start a new game and it’s just a never ending loading screen no game

      1. Player1 says

        I also play it on Xbox (well I would like to) but I just get the loading screen and I can’t find any other sources to try and fix it. HELP!!

  4. kaneki says

    The only fix found was to Not import your boss. Take away saints row 4 saved data on usb. and start a new for gat hell

  5. paul says

    I’m still on ps3 an it won’t load either its driving me crazy.

  6. Clément says

    Bonjour,je joue sur pc a Saints Row Gat out of Hell et le probleme c est que j ai le code derreur 41, le jeux ce lance je fais nouvelle partie,sa fait l ecran de chargement apres sa freeze et mon jeux se coupe,comme qaund je suis en mode hors ligne.
    Aidez moi svp repondez moi vite !!!!!!!!
    Hello, I play pc Saints Row Gat out of Hell and the problem c is that I have the derreur code 41, the games that launch I new game, its been the loading screen after its freeze and my games are cut, qaund as I am offline.
    Help me please repondez me soon !!!!!!!!

    1. A-Mike says

      Some users have reported that temporarily disabling antivirus and/or firewall software will let you get past that. Also try verifying integrity of game cache and updating video drivers. If you’re still having troubles, please post a full dxdiag.

  7. Massimo says

    I need help .I bought a 10€ card for xbox 360 then I bought at the sales of xbox live saints row gat outta hell and download it so I pressed play now and begin a new game after accessing the map to waipoint ultor I started to drive so. After the highway when you have to turn left it frozes and doesn’t move but the game still runs so I press start and then it frozes totally. I re downloaded and I pressed play now and every time it kicks me out saying that the disk is unreadable when I dont have a disk in the xbox plssss help me and contact me at my yahoo

  8. jinger says

    Im play it on pc and when i try a new game ,the loading screen just there and never ending ..please help me fix ..

  9. Geogie says

    I’m playing it on Xbox one and I can’t import my boss from sr4. It’s always the default male and I’ve saved my sr4 game and I’ve saved my boss’ character in Image By Designed in hopes that that will help but it hasn’t. Any ideas on how to fix this anyone?

  10. Omer Arif says

    Saint Row get out of hell
    I dont have any display.ini file PLz Help me

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