Predecessor Long Queue Time: How To Fix It

There's nothing more annoying than a long queue time when joining an online matchmaker. But we can help fix this 😉.


Playing online multiplayer games like Predecessor is quite fun as you connect and play with other gamers across the globe. This helps you make new friends, complete exciting quests, and go higher and higher in rank.

However, to connect and play with other gamers on Predecessor, you have to join a waiting list or a matchmaking system to get matched with other players. For popular games with numerous fanatics, joining the waiting list is simple and doesn’t take long.

Unfortunately, many players have reported experiencing the Predecessor long queue time issue, which can be annoying. According to users online, the Predecessor queue takes forever, with some queueing for up to 2 hours.

If you’re facing the same issue, we have created this troubleshooting guide to help fix it so you can join matches and play with friends and family.

Why are queue times so long in Predecessor?

Queue-ups allow players to join a matchmaking system where they have to wait for others to join the waitlist before the game can start. This means the game will not start until the minimum number of players is in the party window.

If your Predecessor queue takes long time, it could be because of the following reasons:

  • Time you’re queuing for: If you queue up for games at low-peak hours, such as midnight, your queue times will likely be longer. Not many players are available then, meaning it takes longer to fill up the minimum number of players.
  • The role you’re queueing for: Some matchmaking roles are more popular and fun than others. So, if you queue up for less popular roles, the queue time will likely take longer.
  • Ranked population: As you go higher in the Predecessor rank, the number of players queueing up for that rank decreases. So, you have to wait longer for the pool to fill up.
  • Unpopular game mode: If you’re queueing for an unpopular game mode, you may have to wait longer for the total pool of players to fill up.
  • Server-related issues: If Predecessor servers are down or experiencing outages, your queue time may be longer.

How do I fix Predecessor long queue time?

Waiting more than 10 minutes to play with others on Predecessor can be frustrating. Luckily, we have a few workarounds to help you avoid the Predecessor long queue time. They include:

  1. Queue up during peak hours
  2. Switch the role/game mode you’re queueing for
  3. Check for updates

1. Queue up during peak hours

Every player queues up for games at different times of the day. However, if you don’t want to wait forever to join a matchmaking system, queueing up during peak hours is advisable. Peak hours may vary depending on where you live, but usually, more people play games during the day. So, try queueing for matches in the middle of the day to see if the queue times are short.

Remember, queue times may be longer during the day on weekdays because people are busy with work and other responsibilities. However, during the weekends, users have more free time during the day. So, try playing matches on the weekend during the day for shorter queue times.

2. Switch the role/game mode you’re queueing for

If you queue for a particular role or game mode and the wait time is long, we recommend switching to another role/game mode. The Predecessor system may be experiencing challenges with the particular role/game mode that you’re queueing for, resulting in long wait times.

For instance, it may be a popular role with thousands of players, and the game may face difficulties matching players from the large selection of candidates. On the other hand, the role/game mode may be less popular, which means the system has a small selection pool to pick from.

In this case, try switching to another waitlist to see if you can join a match and start playing.

3. Check for updates

The Predecessor long queue time issue may be caused by server-related problems on the developer’s side. The Predecessor servers may be experiencing downtimes, outages, or network congestion, causing connection issues that prevent players from joining online matches.

Similarly, they may be scheduled for maintenance, disrupting service. We recommend checking the Predecessor Twitter page for server updates and announcements. If the servers are down, you have no option other than wait till they’re functional.

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The Predecessor long queue time issue has plagued many players who want to join a matchmaking system and play with friends. Although there isn’t much information regarding the long queue times online, we hope our troubleshooting guide helps you solve the issue. Remember to queue during peak hours, switch the role/game mode you’re queueing for, and check for updates.

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