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Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent is a single-player game focused on heavy action and real-time strategy. The game takes place in the Alien Universe, and as a result, you might be familiar with some of the unpleasant encounters from previous Alien-related games. In this game, you are playing the role of a commander, and you need to manage the team that will lead your missions to victory against the xenomorphs and rogue characters.

Your team’s mental stability and xenomorphs are not the only things you might encounter while playing. Unfortunately, your worst enemies are game errors, issues, and problems. However, there are solutions and quick fixes for each one of them, so they won’t impact your gameplay once fixed.

Some of the general problems reported by the players are: the game crashing, performance issues such as fps drops, game errors, stuttering, and not being able to start the game. However, don’t worry, as you have us to take care of the problematic side of the game! Below, you will find the answer to a frequently asked question and a list of solutions and fixes for the most commonly encountered game issues.

Why does my Alien Dark Descent keep crashing?

Your Alien Dark Descent keeps crashing because you might have outdated drivers, corrupted and missing system files, way too many background apps, or faulty cache files. To fix it, you can update the drivers, verify game files, close some background apps, and reset the cache. Below, you will find our troubleshooting guides categorized.

Crashing and Functionality Problems

Performance-related Issues

Game Errors

To make sure that you can easily fix the problems in no time, bookmark this tag page to access it quickly when needed. Also, we will keep adding solutions to errors, issues, and problems.