Borderlands Pre-Sequel Crashing, Freezing, Black Screen [FIX]

Get back to looting and shooting on the moon with our guide to fixing Borderlands Pre-Sequel issues 🚀


Borderlands Pre-Sequel is an exciting first-person shooter game that takes you on a wild adventure to the moon, battling new enemies and collecting new loot. However, nothing can ruin the fun like game crashes, freezing, and black screens. If you’re experiencing these issues while playing Borderlands Pre-Sequel, this article will provide you with quick and easy solutions to fix the problem.

Why is Borderlands Pre-Sequel crashing, freezing, and showing black screens?

All the Borderlands Pre-Sequel crashing, freezing, and showing black screens issues can occur due to various reasons, including outdated drivers, conflicts with other software, overheating, corrupted game files, or inadequate hardware.

All of these issues have similar straightforward solutions, so you can easily address them all.

How to fix Borderlands Pre-Sequel crashing, freezing, and black screen issues:

  1. Update drivers: Your graphics card drivers and other drivers should be up-to-date. An easy and quick way to update your drivers is to use a specific tool like PC HelpSoft.
  2. Lower graphics settings: Lowering the graphics settings helps boost efficiency and avoid crashes. This is accessible in the game’s settings.
  3. Close other programs: Close any background programs that are not required for the game’s performance. The game can now use more resources as a result.
  4. Verify game files: Verify the game files in the Steam library to ensure that all files are present and correct: right-click the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify the Integrity of the game file.
  5. Disable Steam overlay: Games can experience problems because of the Steam overlay. Uncheck the box next to “Enable Steam Overlay while in-game” by right-clicking Borderlands Pre-Sequel in your Steam library, selecting “Properties,” and then clicking “Disable.”
  6. Disable antivirus: Antivirus software occasionally interferes with game files, resulting in crashes. Check to see whether the issue is fixed by temporarily disabling your antivirus program and attempting to run the game.
  7. Update DirectX: Make sure your DirectX version is current. The most recent version is available for download and installation on the Microsoft website.
  8. Clear cache: Clear the cache files of the game and the Steam client.
  9. Reinstall the game: Try reinstalling the game if none of the previously mentioned fixes work. Before doing so, take careful to backup your game progress.
  10. Run the game in compatibility mode: Simply right-click on the game’s executable file, choose “Properties,” and then select the “Compatibility” tab. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” box, then choose Windows 8 as the previous version of the operating system. To try again, hit “Apply” when you’ve finished the game.
  11. Disable fullscreen optimization: Right-click the game’s executable file, choose “Properties,” and then select the “Compatibility” tab. Check “Disable fullscreen optimizations”, then click “Apply.”

âť‹ FPS Lag, FPS Drops đź’¦

If you are the recommended system requirements and you still have low FPS and FPS drops, try to use a game booster and close other active programs.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel is an excellent game that deserves to be played without interruptions. Following the above solutions, you can easily fix Borderlands Pre-Sequel crashing, freezing, and black screen issues and get back to looting and shooting on the moon.

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