Witcher 3 Next Gen Stuttering: How to Stop It & Run Smoothly

Witcher 3 next-gen update stuttering? We have the right fixes that will make the game run impeccable


After the Witcher’s next-gen update which was released on the 14th of December, players have reported substantial frame rate drops and weird texture and model rendering on PC. The Witcher 3 next gen update stuttering seems to annoy users with high-end graphic cards that are complaining about poor performance, they are experiencing low fps and even DirectX12 black screen.

In this article, we will discuss the steps on how you can fix stuttering and improve FPS in The Witcher 3 next gen update.

Why is Witcher 3 next-gen update stuttering?

There are many reasons for Witcher 3 next gen update stutter issues such as:

🖥️ Outdated GPU
😔 Ray Tracing makes it laggy
🥲 DX12 version issues

How do I stop Witcher 3 from stuttering?

Table of contents:

To make Witcher 3 run smoother and increase performance, you need to make sure the installed graphic drivers on your system are up-to-date. If the current GPU drivers are outdated, make sure to get the most recent ones as soon as you can. Visit the official websites to get the necessary GPU drivers:

If you’re not confident doing it on your own, I mean updating your GPU drivers, PC HelpSoft will do it for you.

  1. Download and install PC HelpSoft.
  2. Launch PC HelpSoft and it will start scanning.
  3. Click Update All Drivers Now to fix all errors.

If your GPU has the latest version and you still encounter FPS drops and stuttering, follow the troubleshooting below:

1. Run the game on DX11

Consider running The Witcher 3 on DX11 as it seems that the version of DirectX 11 works better than DirectX 12. You’ll not be able to use Ray Tracing in this case, but it’s a positive way to improve the FPS.

A Reddit user also found it useful so you can give it a try.

2. Set graphic settings to the Full-Screen option

Your stuttering issue might be resolved by switching the display mode in the game’s options for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Head to in-game Graphics settings, click Display Mode, and set the option to Full Screen.
  2. Restart the game.

3. Turn off Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing causes crashes and stuttering giving you a bad game performance. A Reddit user found out that to fix crashes and potential stuttering, you will have to turn the RT off.

If you cannot enjoy the game because it crashes continuously, read our latest article on how to fix Witcher 3 Crashing After Next-Gen Update.

Leave a comment down below if the solutions above have helped you to fix the stuttering and bad performance in the Witcher 3 next gen patch 4.0.

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