XDefiant Slow Download Speed: How to Speed Up [Tested]

You want to play XDefiant beta and you can't download it due to slow download speed? We've got you covered!


XDefiant slow download speed is causing problems for most gamers who want to enjoy the newest Ubisoft tile in beta. You’re lucky to read this article because we have a 100% fix for this issue.

Why is XDefiant stuck on downloading?

XDefiant download stuck due to problems related to the ISP throttling data, the game servers are overwhelmed due to high demand and poor internet connection.

How do I fix XDefiant 0b/s download speed?

To fix XDefiant slow download speed, perform the following pre-cheks:

  • Check your internet connection and make sure that it’s stable and fast.
  • If you’re on a PC, update your network drivers. To make it hassle-free and automatic, use PC HelpSoft. This trusted third-party tool will reduce CPU usage and optimize your device performance.
  • Ensure that XDefiant servers are up and running.

Several Discord users have reported that using a VPN can increase the download speed for XDefiant.

A VPN can hide your traffic, reducing the possibility of being throttled if your ISP restricts your access to Ubisoft servers. Utilizing a VPN, the Xdefiant download speed can significantly increase.

As well as, your route to the game’s download server might be enhanced by a VPN connection. Using a VPN connection, you can reroute your traffic alternatively, perhaps leading to quicker download speeds if your ISP’s network is congested or the routing to the server is inefficient.

That being said, we recommend using ExpressVPN – an ultra-fast VPN that can help you download your favorite game faster than you think. It will also ensure powerful protection, boost your device connectivity, and, most importantly, prevent throttling.

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If it helps, learn how to make games download faster on a PC.

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