Top Fixes for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Errors, Crashes, Black Screen, Freezes


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel game was released the other week and we are sorry for bringing you fixes for errors so late but here they are.The most common Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Errors are: Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen,Stuttering, FPS Lag and some other minor bugs.Below you can see the full list of errors and how to fix them.If you can’t fix them with this tutorial we will release a fix patch for the game, just let us know with a comment below.

How to fix Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Errors:

1. Mouse Doesn’t Show Up

To fix this error you need to unplug the gamepad from your PC in order to play with the mouse.

2. Stuttering Fix

Check your Graphics Card Driver and update them if needed it this doesn’t fix your error go to the options menu and set the FPS to uncapped.

3. Random Crashes Fix

To fix this error try to install all the installers in the ‘redist’ folder in your game’s directory. Restart your computer after the installation is done.

4. Black Screen when launching the game

To fix this error verify the integrity of the game cache: right-click the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify Cache.

5. FPS Lag, Drops:

If you are the recommended system requirements and you are still having low FPS and FPS drops try to use a game booster and close other active programs.

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