The Truth Behind the Baldur’s Gate 3 Lawsuit Controversy

The rumor of Larian Studios being sued for making Baldur's Gate 3 was nothing but satirical. See this article to know the full story ✅


The gaming industry has been shaken by a few incidents in recent days. The lawsuit related to the Baldur’s Gate 3 is right now a hot topic in the internet world.

The BG3 has already become the second biggest Steam release in 2023. That proves the quality of the game. But, a recent claim from someone on the internet can make any fanboys concerned.

Is Larian Studios being sued?

In short. No. Larian Studios is not being sued, at least for making such an excellent game like Baldur’s Gate 3 in 2023. In response to various viral posts within the community, we have tried to find out the backstory behind them and wanted to find their authenticity.

Later, we discovered that no genuine news claims this game development company is facing any lawsuit. However, there is a reason why everyone believes that the BG3 creator company is in trouble.

How did the controversial story of Baldur’s Gate 3 lawsuit develop?

On August 9, 2023, on TikTok, a video claimed that some big players in the game industry, like Activision, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and EA, are suing Larian Studios for a hundred billion US Dollars. The reason behind this legal action is that Larian Studios have unfairly raised the gamers’ expectations to an unreasonable level by making Baldur’s Gate 3.

People took this video seriously, and within a few hours, it went viral. They started talking about this incident on social media, and most were protesting.

However, the claim in that video was entirely fabricated and intended to spread controversy within the community. Later, the creator disclosed that the content was for fun and was satirical.

Nonetheless, it was already late, as many netizens had already misunderstood the whole thing. The original video is no longer accessible on Tiktok. It got 2700+ likes and 4000+ shares.

Is there any possibility of Larian Studios being sued in the future?

We don’t have an answer to this question. But one thing is confirmed there is no possibility of getting sued due to making too good games like BG3, at least in 2023. If it was possible, it would happen to many game creators in the past.

In the past, we saw some controversy between another company and Larian Studios. But those are no longer something to talk about now.

The Wizards of the Coast and Larian have a special agreement regarding making BG3 and future games. If there is a problem, only then a real possibility of some sort of legal action may come.

What would happen if Larian Studios was really sued?

The game industry would experience something beyond imagination if Baldur’s Gate 3’s lawsuit rumor was true. The BG3 has changed the modern standard of RPG games, which has created hype in the community.

If Larian Studios got sued for $100 by other companies for making a game like this, many independent gamers would stop purchasing games developed/published by those groups.

Activision, Blizzard, Ubisoft, and EA own many biggest game franchises. But, they are often criticized for making games less appealing to gamers, releasing unpolished titles, etc. In addition, various bugs, optimization issues, etc., have become common things for the new video games.

As an example, we can mention Diablo 4. The game was released this year and got criticized by the community for bugs and optimization problems. Still, now, people are having some serious issues with this title. On the other hand, BG3 has been received by the community more positively.

So, if Larian faced any lawsuit, those big players would also face various legal actions from many parties. And the whole thing would put the gaming industry in a difficult situation. The ultimate victim would be regular gamers.

Overall, the $100 billion lawsuit against Larian Studios for making Baldur’s Gate 3 in 2023 isn’t real, and the rumor was spread to create controversy. Users should try to find out the authenticity of any news before sharing it on social media.

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