Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Server Not Available: How to Fix

If you experience Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 connection issues, troubleshoort your Internet 🌐


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Connection Issues are affecting a lot of PlayStation and Xbox players of the game, many of them reported that they can’t connect to the server or that the servers are already full others are getting disconnected from the server.

The most common Dragon Ball Xenoverse errors on PlayStation 3,4 and Xbox One consoles are: players can’t connect to the server, and they receive this error “DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE-Server is not available. Please try again later.”.

Some PlayStation users are getting constantly kicked out of the game and receiving this error You’re not logged into PSN, although they are connected.

On consoles, the most annoying issue is the Connection problems that seem to be encountered on both PlayStation and Xbox too.

But this is not the only error some players complained about crashes and freezes during the game, and they needed to reset the console to get the game to work again.

How To Fix Dragon Ball Xenoverse Server Not Available

  1. Check your Internet connection
  2. Reboot your router/modem
  3. See if the game servers are available
  4. Reinstall the game

1. Check your Internet connection

As many players suggested online, you should first make sure that your Internet connection is stable on your PC and that the game is surely connected.

✅ Type Troubleshoot settings in Windows search → Go to Internet troubleshooting → Click on Run next to Internet Connection → Choose Troubleshoot my Internet connection →  Let the wizard repair your connection.

2. Reboot your router/modem

You can as well consider rebooting your router in order to refresh your connection and eliminate potential connection issues.

  1. Turn off your router and unplug it for 10 seconds.
  2. Move the device position to eliminate interferences.
  3. Replug your device and turn it on again.
  4. Connect your PC to the Internet again.

3. See if the game servers are available

A reliable method to find out the root cause of Dragon Ball Xenoverse server issues is to check if the game servers are up at the moment.

You can verify this by checking the Bandai Namco Twitter handle and see if there are any server connection issues.

4. Reinstall the game on Steam

click on Uninstall button Steam

If the solutions from above didn’t resolve the problem, you can always choose to reinstall the game on your device and eliminate various errors or malfunctions.

  • For the Steam client, you can simply go to Library > Right-click on Dragon Ball Xenoverse game > Hover on Manage and click on Uninstall.

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We hope that our guide helped you fix the Dragon Ball Xenoverse server Issues. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties, please contact us by leaving a comment below, and we will help you fix your game.

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  1. DavidHogins says

    Hello, i got a more especific problem i was playing side missions to get the 100x BB kame hame ha, and i was playing online, and i got the skill, but the server kicked me out and i didnt got the skill, the problem is, i cant get it anymore, cause its like i have it, but dont, and cant receive anymore. Sorry for the bad english, actually i am a brasilian, do you guys have any solutions?

    1. Nick Hughes says

      I’ve brought this game twice. I downloaded it and brought hard disk. Both keep getting stuck at loading screen. Can I get sum help as to why?

  2. Martin says

    When I select my character and I enter Tokitoki my game freezes and sends me back to the main menu of my Xbox one can anyone help me?

    1. Andre says

      I am having the same problem I’m trying delete the game and re download it I’ll let u know if it works

  3. Dominique says

    That’s some bullshit I hired 2 fighters level 80 each with the zeng I saved 150000 , 75000 a piece and the game kicked me off and lost all that money . Duck you dragon ball xenoverse. Gamer tag djkiilla187

  4. Skylar says

    I don’t have a PC so what the hell am I going to do is Ridiculous. I can’t even play the game I just spent all this money on

  5. Prince Vegeta says

    I’m having problems, every time I play the game it kicks me out of the server, it has done that twice after doing two of Vegeta’s training missions which it just kicks me out and I don’t know what he said when it kicks me out, it also kicked me out when I’m in Multi lobby as well, I’m absolutely livid about it

  6. jayobray says

    please help
    I cant connect to the xenoverse server not even play online please help support me on this issue with my console the xbox one

  7. Batman&you says

    Dear Xenoverse team, verruimen I play the quest Power Berserkers I can almost win but I get kicked out of my own room or the one I joined and return to Toki and then it disconnects the server. People will stop joining if I keep creating rooms that crash so please try to help by fixing these errors. In the middle of the battle all characters just stand still or float and stare at my character, which is creepy by the way,..and then It just goes black and returns me to Tokitoki.. plz help

  8. Joe says

    I don’t even have the option to choose multi lobby

  9. Pj says

    Yeah I can’t get past the main menu it said connecting to the xenoverse server and the music stays on

  10. Sergio says

    I have an Xbox One and the game gets stucked at the beginning of the game. I can’t even start playing, it asks for starting the profile and ‘voila’ the song keeps on going for ever.

    Please help!!!

  11. xavier says

    It’s now July 3rd and I’m still having these issues and cannot even log into the offline version of the game. Was anything ever done to fix this?

    1. Ari says

      So is the update that downloads automatically going to fix these issues? I always get online registration not available.

  12. Sacheditor says

    I cant connect to the server at all if i go to my char. Screen then it wants to connect me to the server but it doesnt even load for one second and it already says i cant connect litterly i thoughg it had something to do with my xbox 360 but i checkef my internet connection and everything is fine can someone help me with that plz

  13. Saiyan2004 says

    I’m trying to access multiplayer and always said the server is not available it was been like this for the past few weeks. Any solutions

  14. Saiyan2004 says

    My issue is for Xbox 360 and I did check the network

  15. Golden says

    On xbox one whenever I click start game and begin with this profile the game freezes and keeps playing the song. How do I fix this?

  16. whatever says

    you can’t find the dragon ball xenoverse files on ps3, they don’t show up in game data utility

  17. Antwan Riley says

    I am having problems playing the parallel quests online and offline on the Xbox 360 I can play fine on my PlayStation 3 and 4 but it keeps telling me that it close and I already did the first mission . does anyone have an answer to this problem please.

  18. Moeez says

    Hi everybody I am a big fan of db xenoverse i want to go online but I can’t it says that your profile does not have access to online miltiplayer(the db xenoverse server are not available please try again later)pleas fix it I have try later so many times but it is not working xenoverse servers pleas fix it
    I use Xbox1and my user id is
    Moeez KING 999

    Please fix it or I will leave the game?????

  19. Moeez says

    Hi everybody I am a big fan of db xenoverse i want to go online but I can’t it says that your profile does not have access to online miltiplayer(the db xenoverse server are not available please try again later)pleas fix it I have try later so many times but it is not working xenoverse servers pleas fix it
    I use Xbox1and my user id is
    Moeez KING 999 and where are the files

    Please fix it or I will leave the game?????

  20. Moeez says

    And I also don’t have the option for multi lobby

  21. over9000 says

    The same the happens to me like a few minutes in the multiplayer and i get loged out and back to the menu screen

  22. max hyjek says

    when I start the game it will say that the servers are down and therefore I cant connect to the multiplayer lobbys. There is this DLC that says it is required for online play but no matter how many times I download it I never get online play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Edward says

    Hello my gamer tag is L0RDT1TAN one Xbox one and I can’t even get into the game I try to load my profile and it just sits there I even tried deleting everything off my console and redownloading it and that didn’t do a thing to fix it. Can anyone tell me what to do ?

    1. Joshua Murphy says

      I have the same problem

  24. Khatriell says

    I can’t connect to the servers on DBZ XenoVerse or Need For speed Shift can someone help me with this?

  25. Malik Watkins says

    Hey DBXV I have a problem with my game I wanted to make a new character and I go to the character selection and choose who I want to be and as soon as I choose it freezes help

  26. Nathan Johnson says

    I have XenoVerse for Xbox 360, and whenever I do something, like go to a battle, a Parallel Quest, or a story mode mission, I get an infinite loading screen… Could you help me?

  27. Lee says

    Hi all I bought dragonball xenoverse last night on digital download from the plays tat ion store for my ps4 I make my chara and gone. To tokitoki city and trunks say go speak.to people send come back in do this and trunks still won’t let me play the story mode

  28. Szabó Zoltán says

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!! (xenoverse server is not avaiable. please try again later.) bla bla bla……..how to repaire??????please help!!!!

    1. Szabó Zoltán says


  29. Joshua Murphy says

    It doesn’t even let me play the game at all. For me the game freezes when I select the profile I want to use. I have spoke with Microsoft and completed the troubleshooting steps but they didn’t help and I have contacted bandai namco but they are yet to get me back

  30. Kevvon Turner says

    Yeah I downloaded the open beta for Dragonball XenoVerse 2 and it keeps telling me thati can’t connect to the server of the game and everytime I hit the start button t tells me something different or it’ll tell me the same thing I tried it again and it tells me it’ currently going under maintenance

  31. asrin says

    i can’t even connect to xenoverse they keep saying you must be connected to the server in order to play, can you please help me or tell me what to do and i download it on ps4 and is beta. and i can’t even play online they don’t let me. so please help me.

  32. tony says

    my game kicks me off xenoverse severs so i cant get online play help pleasE?

  33. Amy says

    My game says “Your profile does not have access to online multiplayer”. What can I do to fix it?

  34. Noe says

    Im on xbox one and my dbz xenoverse says im not connected to the xenoverse server when i try to do an online ranked battle without limitations and when i try to join the world tournament and there are no other online
    I’m players that i see in conton city, i need help

  35. Noe says

    Dbz xenoverse 2 on my xbox one keeps saying i need to be logged into the xenoverse server when im im conton city like when i try to join a ranked match without limitations and also when i try to enter the world tournament and i never see any other online players PLEASE HELP

  36. Noe says

    So i really need info for getting into an online lobby please ??

  37. XOryxDoomX says

    my access is denied to my data folder which also blocks my ability to delete corrupted data

  38. L Day says

    So I recently bought the game for my PS3, and I downloaded it and it was working fine, then after the Nappa/Vegeta fight the loading screen got stuck, so I exited out of the game and reopened it and it did it again, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now it’s taking forever to download, and when it does download the patch times out.
    Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I could really use the help, thank you.

  39. Vilius says

    Hello. I want to tell you a error that dosent load my PQ. It’s like when i end it. It dosent load.
    I’m trying to fix it But no I can’t Cause my xenoverse is bundle edition.

  40. G says


    Can’t loggin !!!! See people here that posted 6 years a go !!! In 2020 still not solved !!! What a bunch of crap !!!!

  41. Tylor says

    I’m having this problem right now on ps5 for the last 2 days I have been receiving the same error. I’m not being able to play xenoverse 2 online all my friends can play but I cannot I was able to last week now all of a sudden I can’t please help me

  42. Stefan says

    DragonBall Xenoverse one multiplayer access. Hello there I love this game I’ve had it for 4 years and now that I’ve finally finished the entire story and the DLC missions every time Iog in before I choose my character I keep on seeing this message your profile does not have access to online multi-player I’ve always wanted to try it and it won’t let me so please help me through this problem

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