How To Fix Lords of the Fallen Errors, Crashes, Stopped Working, Freezes


We know that many of you are currently experiencing Lords of the Fallen crashes and multiple other issues, so we released this tutorial to help you play the game.

Lords of the Fallen was released on 28 October and it is available on Steam.One of the most anticipated games from October, Lords of the Fallen is a hack and slash role-playing game developed by the german guys at Deck13 Interactive and CI Games.
The game has been compared to other games like Darksiders and Dark Souls, but it’s way more awesome. The main character of the game is Harkyn, a convicted criminal that is the world’s last hope for salvation. The Demonic Rhogar army is re-emerging and Harkyn must fight them in order to save the world. This is the premise of the game, which will bring you in a world where you will need to defeat the gods that attack the human realm.

As the many games released these days, this one has issues too.The most common Lords of the Fallen Errors that players encountered after the game release are: Game Crashes, Game Won’t Start, Lords of the Fallen Has Stopped Working, FPS Drops.

Below you can see the issues described above and you will also find workarounds and quick fixes for each of them.

Lords of the Fallen Errors:

Lords of the Fallen Crashes are reported by some of the gamers when they played the game or started it causing the game to stop. Follow the solution below to fix your crashes.

“This game ran fine until today, and I don’t know why. Nothing has changed in or on my PC. Now it starts up and crashes after the Alienware logo or right when it gets to the menu. I tried the +com_skipintrovideo1, and it didn’t do anything at all. Anyone know how to get around this issue?”

Solution for “Lord of the Falle Has Stopped Working”:  

  1. Make sure you have 14.501.1003 driver for AMD GPU, the latest stable Omega driver for that card.
  2. Be sure that you have installed DirectX from the games folder and that you have Visual C++ installed
  3. Install, verify game files, reboot, run the game.

Lords of the Fallen Freezes are similar to the crashes; some players reported them at the loading screen of the game or ar some boss fights. You can fix the freezes with the workaround below.

“Game started and run ok for me @very high settings, but freeze to a black screen when returning to game from menu :(“


If you are encountering freezes in the very high graphic settings on the game try to change them to high and this should fix your issue.

Lords of the Fallen Game Won’t Start error is a Steam interface error that people get when they press the ‘Play’ button in Steam to start the game after they press this button nothing happens and the game doesn’t start.


  1. Right-click on the game in Steam Library and select Properties
  2. Here go to Verify Integrity Cache and wait until the game finishes to verify the files

Lords of the Fallen FPS Drops, if you are encountering FPS Drops make sure that your PC can run the game properly, that you have the minimum system requirements.If you have them and you are still having FPS Drops or unstable framerate you can fix them with the workaround below.

To optimize the FPS you need to make the following changes in the game settings:

Antil Aliasing mode: Override application setting
Anti-aliasing samples: x4
Filter: Standard
Anti-Aliasing method: Multisampling
Morphological filtering: On

Anisotropic filtering mode: override application settings
Anisotropic filtering level: 16x
Texture filtering quality: Performance
Surface format optimization: On

Wait for vertical refresh: Off unless application specifies (This is ON in the game settings as the game seems to have issues with vsync forced from outside)

OpenGL Buffering: Off

Tessellation mode: Override application settings
Maximum tessellation level: 64x

Frame pacing: On
AMD Crossfire mode: Disabled


Another error that was reported is the D3DCompiler_43.dll missing error. To fix this error, you need to install the last version of DirectX; you can find it on google just search for it. After you install it restart your PC to avoid any errors. Now your game should start.

We hope that our tutorial helped you fix your Lords of the Fallen errors. Have fun playing the game, and if you have any questions or problems, please contact us with a comment below or by using our contact page.

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