How to Fix The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Performance Issues


One of the most anticipated games of this year, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was released yesterday on Steam. The game is the third in the series and developers said that it’s not necessary to have played the previous games to enjoy fully Wild Hunt. In the beginning, the game supposed to be released just on consoles but later the developers changed their mind and released the game on PC too. Because the game is mainly developed for consoles, it has some bugs and issues that people are complaining about on Steam’s Dashboard of the game. The major The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt errors that are affecting players are: Random Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen, Performance Issues and other minor bugs. To find out how to fix this errors follow our tips below.

How to fix The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Errors:

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Crashes, this seems to be one of the major issues of the game and the most common one that players are complaining about. Some players are getting constant crashes, random crashes when they are playing, some of them when they check inventory or when they interact with characters in the game.

“First of all if I start with the 4th difficulty when the first in-game cutscene starts game hangs and other then resetting the PC or signing out I can’t do anything else. OK, I said and then tried the 3rd difficulty -really- it works! Yay! Only a few moments later when I go to the next area in the first room .. Guess what? The same crash again… I sign-out restart game select continue … Let’s try talking to Jennifer … Select an option. Here it comes! Another crash !”

“Game crashes after ~15 minutes of playing randomly.I’m getting sick of these crashes, it’s the 8th time it happened!”


  • Users with SLI/Crossfire setup can try disabling it, and laptop users should use the dedicated GPU instead of the integrated one
  • Reinstall and fix.Net Framework 4 Client Profile, then go to the game’s launcher and change some of the settings that may have caused the issue
  • Any software from LucidLogix? You might need to remove it

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Freezes, like crashes this error affects a lot of players and they, are unable to play the game because it just freezes randomly or when they interact with the game.

“My game is freezing every 20 mins is anyone else getting that? I have redownloaded it in different places twice even tried redownloading it on my portable harddrive, and it still freezes on me.Can anyone help?”

“Was working fine last night, not a single freeze on my 3 hours session with it. Now this morning after the patch, the game seems to freeze after 15-30 minutes of play time. Anyone have the same problem ?”

“So I and multiple difference people have the same problem, Every 15-20 min the game would just randomly freeze (For some reason for me it happens mostly in the Inventory) After which I have to close down the game with the task manager.Kind of getting annoying, Anyone found a fix for this ?”

Solution: Make sure the game is using your dedicated GPU instead of the integrated one. Also, install a suitable cooling pad for heating issues.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Performance Issues, like I, said above in this post the game was primarily developed for consoles and after some time it was announced that it will be available for PC too, because of that the game has a lot of performance issues like Low FPS, Bad Graphics, Stuttering and others.

“I can run GTA V on very high, 2560×1440, high shadows on, etc. and have a steady 60FPS with V-Sync on.But this game runs very badly with low fps and stutter all the time.Can anyone help me with this?”

“I don’t care much about the graphics, and the game seems pretty good, but it’s honestly unplayable. I put everything on low. 50-60 fps outside of combat, 40 fps inside of combat. It’s so inconsistent.I lower the resolution which doesn’t change the resolution of the screen as a whole it just becomes windowed, but there is some horrible stuttering. Not game breaking but enough to gets on your nerves.”

Solution: Start Playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “Window Mode” by disabling Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and Adaptive Anti-Aliasing through catalyst control center/ Geforce Experience.
Go To Task Manager and set the priority of The Witcher 3 game as “HIGH.”
Go To Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings and set Power Management Mode to “Prefer Maximum Performance.”

We hope that our guide helped you fix your game and that now you are playing it. If you have questions or other issues with the game, please leave a comment below and we will help you fix your game! – Team

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  1. Dereks89 says

    Managed to fix crashes with this, you are awesome guys.

  2. Sjoerd says

    Installed form CD’s on W7 PC. Game won’t start when hitting PLAY button in GOG game window.
    in taskbar it show witcher3.exe for some seconds, and it disappears.
    In witcher crash log it complains about:
    Red Engine Crash Log
    Build: Not Set [ Compiled May 20 2015 ]

    Crash reason: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (3221225477), Error reading location 0xad7215e4

    Crashed Thread:

    Thread ID: 3644

    Scaleform::Render::Matrix2x4::Prepend() + 0xafe66 – (0)

  3. Crimson says

    is there a fix for witcher dvd rom version freezing on installation, not going further then 1 a 2 % even tho it says estimated time 2 mins??

    1. Crimson says

      It is on 1a2 % installation progress now for the past 6 hours

    2. erich says

      yeah I have the same problem during install, just bought the game and I cant play cause it crashes during install.. what a effing joke! I get stuck on the second disc at the same place each time and I have to do a hard reboot to get out of it.. such a mission

  4. Akshay says

    I am too getting the same issue as Sjoerd reported. Any fix for this?

    Red Engine Crash Log
    Build: Not Set [ Compiled May 20 2015 ]

    Crash reason: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (3221225477), Error reading location 0x94b615e4

    Crashed Thread:

    Thread ID: 7096

    1. daws64 says

      am having same issue as akshay and sjoerd

      1. Itsme says

        Your system doesn’t meet the minimum specs.

  5. zaynism says

    why every time i open this game i get disk not inserted but the game still open…how to fix this…is this normal?

  6. luis jordan says

    I am having the freezing trouble but I am not on steam, I play it on my ps4 and this happens to me more than just a few minutes, when I’m riding on Roach or even just walking, it freezes and the frame rate will just drop, few seconds later its okay and then I take another step or gallop and boom, it happens all over again. Please help I put 80 hours in this game.

  7. Amir says

    when i run the game after few seconds the game closed and the message is : the witcher 3 has stopped working . please help me how to fix this problem .

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