Total War: WARHAMMER Crashing: How To Fix it Quickly

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Total War: WARHAMMER is available on Steam and a lot of players are complaining about issues in the game. Apparently, most of them can’t even start the game and they are unable to play it because of some problems like crashing, not launching, or performance issues.

Some players are encountering crashes during the game or at the start-up of the game.

To fix the Total War: WARHAMMER issues, first make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements of the game.

You can find these requirements below. If your PC is compatible with the game go ahead and check our solutions for the game issues below, if not please try to upgrade your PC first.

Why does Warhammer Total War keep crashing?

There is not a single factor that contributes to various crashes in this gameplay, so have a look at each one below:

  • Outdated drivers or software: The outdated drivers on your PC are most probably not compatible with Warhammer Total War’s requirements, causing crashes.
  • Overheating:  You need to verify if your PC is well-ventilated and does not work properly due to dusty fans or overclocking processes.
  • Hardware issues: Defective systems such as broken RAM can also cause crashes. Be sure to run regular health checks for your operating system.
  • Corrupted game files: Warhammer Total War can crash due to corrupted files. You can verify the game files on your launcher to verify that
  • Conflicts with other software: It’s possible that you’re running conflicting programs that cause crashes on Warhammer 3 Total War. Remove the programs before launching the game and see if this resolves the issue.
  • Graphics settings: Frequently, the game can get corrupted due to incompatible or unstable graphics settings.

1. Verify game files

To do this, right-click on Total War: WARHAMMER in your Steam library → click Properties → go to the Local Files tab, and click “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
Verify Integrity of Game File

2. Update drivers

Make sure that your computer’s drivers are up to date, especially your graphics card driver. You can download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.

It’s also likely to use Device Manager to get the latest driver version. Type it in the search box > Select Update driver from the context menu and select Search automatically for drivers.

Update GPU driver

As an alternative, it will be better if you use software like PC HelpSoft. It can find the most recent official graphics driver and install it on your PC.

Get PC HelpSoft

3. Run as an administrator

  1. Right-click on Total War: WARHAMMER in your Steam library,
  2. Click Properties, go to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files.
  3. Then, right-click on the game executable file,
  4. Select Properties, go to the Compatibility tab, and check Run this program as an administrator.
    run game as an administrator

4. Lower graphics settings

Try lowering the graphics settings in the game to reduce the load on your computer’s hardware. You can also try disabling certain graphics options such as shadows or reflections.

Different players reported that reducing in-game graphics settings will help you avoid any crashes related to overusing hardware resources.

5. Disable overlays

You can disable overlays from third-party software such as Discord, Steam, or NVIDIA GeForce Experience, as they may interfere with Total War: WARHAMMER and produce crashing issues while you play the game.

There are different software that can run overlay options while you’re running this game, so make sure to check any kind of programs on your PC and disable them.

6. Remove game mods

If you’re using any mods, try disabling them to see if this resolves the issue. Some mods can cause crashes or conflicts with the game.

🎮 Other Total War: WARHAMMER issues

#1 Total War: WARHAMMER Not Starting

For some users, the game won’t even start. They click Play in Steam Library and nothing happens or they receive a startup crash. Because of this issue, a lot of players are unable to start and play the game.

#2 Total War: WARHAMMER Freezes

For some players, the game freezes the moment the first Warhammer screen pops up or when they are trying to play the game in multiplayer. Also, others reported random freezes throughout the game.

Solution: To fix the game freeze make sure that you meet the game system requirements.

#3 Total War: WARHAMMER Multiplayer Issues

Multiplayer (campaign or battle) doesn’t work?

– The servers are taking a hammering with so many people trying to play at the moment, if you leave the lobby screen alone for a minute it should populate. Clicking and hitting keys lots will potentially crash you out while it’s refreshing.

We hope that your tutorial helped you fix your Total War: Warhammer crashing and bugs. If you also need another fix, see how to resolve other Total War: WARHAMMER II issues on your device.

If you encounter any other issues in the game, comment below or use our contact page and we will help you fix your game.

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