MW2 Store Not Working: How to Make It Work

Can't use the MW2 store because it's not loading or working? To fix this problem, try these solutions featured in this post 👇


Is the MW2 store not working on your device? In recent days, a lot of gamers have been having this problem frequently. From this article, you will learn the reasons behind it and how to fix this issue.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a big user base. Many of the players have faced different types of problems. A significant of them may not purchase anything from the MW2 store because it’s not working. Some items are needed to boost the experience in this modern multiplayer FPS. So, this problem can directly affect the gameplay experience for some gamers.

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Why is my store not working in MW2?

Here are the most common reasons why the store may not work on MW2:

  • Server problem: The first and most common reason why the COD: MW2 store is not working is the remote server problem. You may face this issue if the servers get overloaded or there is a sudden outage.
  • Known bug: Some specific game versions may have a bug that prevents you from using the store in Modern Warfare 2 smoothly.
  • Corrupted game files: Problematic, missing, or corrupted game files also cause the MW2 store not showing or loading issues.
  • Connection problem: Your internet connection’s stability also can be a reason behind this store not working issue on MW2.

Else, security programs and any other tools may also interfere and cause the problem you are facing.

How do I fix MW2 store not working?

As the problem is affecting both PC and console users, you should do a few things before taking any major steps. These are:

After that, try the following methods if the MW2 store is still not working on your device:

  1. Change DNS
  2. Reset the network
  3. Update the game

1. Change DNS

For DNS-related problems, you may not use the Modern Warfare 2 store. So, using a better DNS server may help. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Press Win + I on the keyboard to open Windows Settings.
  2. Go to the Network & internet and click on Wi-Fi or Ethernet, depending on your connection.going ethernet windows 11 settings
  3. Locate the DNS server assignment and click on Edit next to it.clicking edit next to the DNS server assignment Windows 11 settings
  4. Select Manual.
  5. Enable IPv4.
  6. Set the DNS addresses as and and click on Save.saving dns windows 11 settings
  7. Restart your PC.

2. Reset the network

If you still cannot make the MW2 store work, reset the network settings by following these instructions to see what happens:

  1. Go to the Windows Settings like before.
  2. Then, navigate to the Network & Internet and go to Advanced network settings.going advanced network settings windows 11
  3. Click on Network reset.
  4. After that, click on Reset now next to the Network reset.clicking reset now for network reset windows 11 settings
  5. Restart Windows.

3. Update the game

Time needed: 3 minutes

To fix MW2 store not working problem, we suggest you update the game to the latest version.

  1. Open Steam or depending on which service you are using for MW2.

    opening steam app

  2. Go to the game library.

    going steam game library

  3. Right-click on the Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and go to its Properties.

    going call of duty mw2 properties steam

  4. Go to the Updates tab.

  5. Set the Automatic Update preference to High Priority.

    setting high priority automatic updates for game steam

  6. Relaunch Steam.

Now, Steam will update this multiplayer FPS with the highest priority. If you use the app, when you go to the COD: Modern Warfare 2 there, you will see the update button. Just click on it to install the latest update immediately.

After updating, try to use the MW2 store and see whether it works or not.

More tips to follow:

In case the above methods don’t help or are not applicable to you, try the following ones:

  • If you have Xbox Live or PlayStation Subscription, make sure that you are using the correct account and that it doesn’t have any problem.
  • PC users can re-install the game client.
  • Take steps to verify the integrity of the game files.
  • If nothing helps, re-install COD: MW2.
  • In case no other methods work, we suggest you contact Activision Support to get more personalized suggestions.

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Hopefully, the solutions featured in this article will help to solve MW2 store not working issues. We also encourage you to write in the comment box if you have any better suggestions that may help others.

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