Warhammer 40000: Boltgun Low FPS: How to Boost Performance

A few things in life are as annoying as low FPS in games. That's why we are here to help! 🚀


It can be excruciating to play a game that stutters. The same applies to the Warhammer 40000 Boltgun low FPS situation, where you have many possibilities for improvement. The only question is will you take them? We are sure you will, so we prepared a real treat for you!

If the performance is not your only issue, learn how to prevent crashes in Warhammer 40000 Boltgun.

Why do I have low FPS in Warhammer 40000 Boltgun?
Low FPS Warhammer 40000 Boltgun happens due to the lack of hardware resources, resource-consuming apps that create overlays, problems with Windows permissions, outdated GPU driver, pilled-up cache files, or other Windows misconfiguration.

How to fix Warhammer 40000 Boltgun low FPS?

Begin troubleshooting this issue by applying the following checks and fixes:

  • Check the system requirements: Warhammer 40000 Boltgun has relatively low system requirements, yet it’s good to double-check significantly if you didn’t upgrade your PC in a while.
  • Disable app overlays: Apps like Discord, Steam, and GeForce Now create overlays on your screen, which can lower your FPS. Disable these overlays in the app settings.
  • Run the game with appropriate permissions: Right-click on the game executable (.exe) file, select Properties and navigate to the Compatibility tab. Enable Run this program as an administrator option.

Proceed with the step-by-step solutions to increase your FPS in Warhammer 40000 Boltgun.

  1. Update the GPU driver
  2. Delete cache files
  3. Disable background apps
  4. Configure the Xbox Game Bar

1. Update the GPU driver

Time needed: 5 minutes

Your graphics card is under some heavy duty when you play games. Even if the game is not graphically demanding at first sight, it might still put your graphics card under much computing stress. You should optimize your system by constantly installing the latest GPU driver.

  1. Click on the Windows icon, type Device Manager, and open it.

    windows icon search bar device manager result

  2. Double-click on Display adapters.

    device manager double click display adapters

  3. Right-click on your GPU and select the Update driver option.

    device manager graphics card gpu update driver option

  4. Select the Search automatically for drivers option.

    Double-check manually if the Update Driver Wizard doesn’t find a suitable GPU driver.

  5. Install the driver update.

  6. Restart your PC after the driver installation.

Many users complain about how annoying it is to check and update the GPU driver constantly. This is why we want you to take a moment and check PC HelpSoft. This tool will scan, monitor and update drivers instead of you!

Get PC HelpSoft

2. Delete cache files

Every app and game on your PC generates cache files used when the app starts and renewed when you close the app. However, if these files are not saved properly, you might have to delete them so they don’t cause the opposite effect – performance issues.

  1. Use the Windows Key + shortcut to open the Run dialog, type %localappdata%, and hit OK.
    Run LocalAppData Delete Cache
  2. Press CTRL + A to select all files in the folder.
  3. Hit the Delete key on your keyboard to delete all the files in the folder.
    ▫ If prompted to confirm, click on Yes.
    ▫ If some files can’t be deleted, click on Skip.
    Deleting Files AppData Local

3. Disable background apps

Before launching Warhammer 40000 Boltgun, save the progress in other apps and games, and close them. This will ensure enough resources for the game and eliminate the possibility of compatibility issues occurring.

  1. Open the Task Manager by using the CTRL + Shift + ESC shortcut.
  2. Find an app you wish to close.
  3. Right-click on the app and select End task.
    click on Processes end task

Warning: Never disable apps and processes you are unfamiliar with!

4. Configure the Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is an app that comes with the Windows installation. Although it can be helpful occasionally, it is also known as a factor for game performance issues.

  1. Click on the Windows icon and select Settings (gear icon).
  2. From the Settings window, select Gaming.
  3. Disable Xbox Game Bar.
    Disable Xbox Game Bar
  4. Navigate to the Captures tab and disable Background recording.
    Disable Xbox Capture

Extra steps

Some players will have to do a bit more legwork before thoroughly enjoying the game at their best performance:

  • 🎮 Enable the Game Mode: This default Windows feature optimizes your PC for gaming. Click on the Windows icon, type Game Mode settings, open it and enable this feature.
  • 🔋 Change the Power Mode (Laptops only): Click on the battery icon in the right part of the taskbar and set the Power Mode to the Best Performance. Keep your laptop on the charger when gaming.
  • 🔁 Reinstall Warhammer 40000 Boltgun: If you still struggle with low FPS, the advice is to uninstall the game and do a clean installation.


We are sure that you are not thinking about Warhammer 40000 Boltgun low FPS anymore, at least if you applied the solutions we proposed. However, if you still experience issues with stuttering and poor game performance, give us more details in the comment, and we will happily assist you.

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