How To Fix Dragon Ball Xenoverse Connection Issues on Consoles: PlayStation and Xbox


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Connection Issues are affecting a lot of PlayStation and Xbox players of the game, many of them reported that they can’t connect to the server or that the servers are already full others are getting disconnected from the server. These issues appear to affect every platform that the game was released on.

Yesterday we released a tutorial for the errors on Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC version and a lot of console users complained that they are encountering a lot of errors too. The most common Dragon Ball Xenoverse errors on consoles (PlayStation 3,4 and Xbox One,360) are: players can’t connect to the server, and they receive this error “DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE-Server is not available. Please try again later.”, Some PlayStation users are getting constantly kicked out of the game and receiving this error “You’re not logged into PSN.” although they are connected to PSN. On consoles, the most annoying issue is the Connection problems that seems to be encountered on both consoles: PlayStation and Xbox too. But this is not the only error some players also complained about crashes and freezes during the game, and they needed to reset the console to get the game to work again.

How To Fix Dragon Ball Xenoverse Connection Issues:

Our team of developers released some files that you can add to your console, run them and the connection issues should be fixed after that. You can find the files here. You will find inside the archive a readme.txt file that contains a guide on how to apply the patch to your console and fix the connection issues.

Bandai Namco has now responded to the issue and said:

“Dear Dragon Ball Xenoverse players,

You may be facing some issues to log on to Dragon Ball Xenoverse servers but be assured that we are taking care of this situation to fix it as soon as possible.

As of today and mainly on Playstation 4, you may face:
– Denied connection to the server
– Denied connection to single or multiplayer lobbies
– Unintentional log out after entering lobbies

In order to confirm the issues and solve them, we are working on:
– Tweaking servers configuration to adapt requirement of each platforms
– Keep on raising the log on limit for servers
– Changing settings of server database to improve stability.

When these changes will be applied to the servers, they may cause unintentional log out during gameplay or “server maintenance” status.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences caused and thank you for your patience. We will post regularly updates about our efforts.”

We hope that our tutorial helped you fix your Dragon Ball Xenoverse Connection Issues and if you have any questions or if you encounter difficulties, please contact us by leaving a comment below, and we will help you fix your game.

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